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Allison Kane: the influencer-turned-musician with an unmatched work ethic

Allison Kane's star is on the rise...

By Jon Stojan

Allison Kane

Did you know that according to an Annenberg inclusion study, only 2.8% of producers are female? While many women artists have songwriting credits, less than 3% have production credits on their songs.

Some of pop music’s top releases such as Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS and Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation are ones in which the artist has songwriting credits, but not production credits. So naturally, we had to do a double-take when immersing in Allison Kane’s growing discography, on which she wrote 100% of the lyrics, as well as having production credit. Female producers have been historically underrepresented in the Producer of the Year, Non-Classical category at the Grammy Awards. In fact, the category has had only one female nominee (Linda Perry in 2019, ultimately losing to Pharell). since its inception in 1975 . Organizations such as Girls Make Beats have dedicated themselves to creating real-world opportunities for girls to break barriers in the music industry. To date, Allison Kane is one of only a handful of women artists that have both songwriting and producer’s credit on her songs, other prominent examples including Taylor Swift, Madonna, and Mariah Carey.

A die-hard fanbase that has landed her on arena stages, on the Spotify Top 20, and the iTunes Top 100.

One of social media’s most-followed underground musicians, a hungry fanbase surrounds the young starlet, with each post on her Instagram profile receiving hundreds of thousands of likes.

Unexpectedly entering the music industry as an influencer

First releasing demos on SoundCloud to little success, Allison explored other avenues to get her music to the masses. She began to post influencer content on short-form video hosting service TikTok, slowly gaining popularity on the platform.

While most would be ecstatic to have garnered nearly two-million followers on the platform, Allison’s focus remained on sharpening her songwriting craft and finding her lane in music.

Allison capitalized on the momentum and released a string of Rock-Hop songs independently, amassing millions of streams across Spotify and Soundcloud through an exclusive deal with TikTok music company, SoundOn. However, these songs would eventually be removed from all platforms when Allison exited her partnership in 2023.

Allison Kane

Rather than re-upload the songs, Allison emerged in 2023 with a new era of music – A modern punk-rock sound driven by Allison’s signature stream-of-consciousness storytelling. In September 2023, she independently released a single and autobiographical music video to  “Next Life”, a punk-rock ballad story of a boyfriend that left her to join the United States Air Force, never returning to her. The song marked Kane’s first entry into the Spotify Top 20, peaking at number 16. The accompanying music video also marks Kane’s directorial debut, based on the events that inspired the song. The story resonated with fans worldwide, with thousands of fans creating videos using the song across TikTok, Instagram, CapCut, and YouTube shorts.

With an unintended entry to the music industry as an influencer, she now makes her procession towards the world stage, re-introducing the concept of the “Girl Rockstar”. Inspiring many with her perseverance, Allison Kane is the one to watch in 2024.

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