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Drake Tigges scouts the world for talent in 2024

Through his venture, Youngsville Agency, Drake guides emerging artists toward success and independence in the music industry

By Jon Stojan

Drake Tigges
Drake Tigges (Image: Youngville Agency )

In this age of digital platforms blurring geographical borders to make the whole world a platform for creators, there is plenty of talent in any industry. The realm of music is not an exception. However, despite countless talents trying to embrace the limelight, the music industry has always welcomed unique talents with open arms. Drake Tigges realised this perpetual demand for original talent in the industry to pave the way for more passion-driven music artists to stardom. 

Through his venture, Youngsville Agency, Drake guides emerging artists toward success and independence in the music industry. As a music producer and digital marketer, he is not just navigating through the intricacies of the music scene but also forging new paths for promising artists, eventually shaping the industry’s future.

 A firm commitment to artist development is at the core of Drake’s mission. He is not just into making more hit tracks but about cultivating more promising careers.

Supported by a team of industry titans that includes luminaries like the writer of chart-topping music David Ray Stevens, Drake ensures that every artist seeking a launch pad through Youngville has the tools they need to thrive. Stevens has penned hits like ‘Save Me’ and ‘Son of a Sinner.’ He is adding his wealth of experience and expertise to Youngville, taking the agency’s songwriting game to unparalleled heights.

Drake’s vision of artist development is not confined to the studio walls. He is on a global quest for talent. He is scouring the UK and beyond for the next big name in the music industry. For Drake, it is not just about the music but about the people behind it. He is passionate about forging international connections that will bring artists and creatives from all walks of life together to collaborate and create something extraordinary. This might be a bold move, but for Drake, it is just the first step to achieving his goal.

One of the unique aspects of Drake’s approach is his commitment to independence for artists. In an industry often dominated by labels and stalwarts, Drake and his team are introducing a positive change by empowering artists to control their destinies. With a suite of label services at their disposal, artists of Youngville are enjoying the best of both worlds. They are leveraging the resources of a major label while basking in the freedom to chart their course.

Drake understands the power of content and strategy in the music industry. So, he is utilising his expertise in digital marketing to help artists connect with their audience in meaningful ways. From PR campaigns to content strategy, Drake and his team are working on every aspect of an artist’s journey to guide them to reach their full potential.

Despite his noble initiatives, Drake has overcome his fair share of challenges. However, each obstacle has only fueled his determination, propelling him forward on his quest to revolutionise the music industry. And with every success story of the artists of Youngville, Drake’s vision became clearer and his impact more profound.

In the future, Drake will be nurturing ambitious goals. From teaching others how to succeed in the digital age to empowering artists to take control of their careers, Drake’s vision is boundless. Drake Tigges is not just a music producer and digital marketer but a guiding light for artists from around the globe. And as he continues to change the concept of independent music for budding artists, he is also opening the gates for fresh talent to enter the industry more confidently.

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