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Miller & Green: West End musical theatre lyricists to watch

Musical Theatre Review deems their new show “the strongest debut of a new piece of large-scale musical theatre writing London has seen in a long time.”  Meet Miller & Green

By Kody Boye

Miller & Green
Miller & Green (Image: Provided)

Tracy Miller and Carly Robyn Green are Miller & Green – musical theatre lyricists who just earned their spot on the West End with their musical adaptation of beloved manga YOUR LIE IN APRIL, set to debut on 5 July at the Harold Pinter Theatre.  

How did they get here?

Before teaming up as a lyricist duo, the women were each veteran musicians.  Green is an established BMG artist and songwriter who’s written for multi-platinum artists worldwide, including Anri and K.A.R.A., and over 175 TV series and films, like 30 Rock and Scandal.  Miller is a Broadway actor best known for starring as comedic favourite, Penny Pingleton, in Hairspray.  

Having worked with the lyricists independently, Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn brought the two together in 2018.  Wildhorn saw the potential in pairing Green’s pop sensibilities and Miller’s unbridled style.  Now together, Wildhorn, Miller & Green have an unprecedented three shows running simultaneously this summer and six works in the pipeline. 

Miller & Green (Image: Provided)

In their own words

In listening to selections from the team’s repertoire, it’s clear that Miller & Green write emotional, clever lyrics that demonstrate intricacy and craft while sounding fresh for the 21st century. 

Carly brings a classic timelessness to their work – Tracy brings a beautiful, whimsical spirit.  They’re first-class lyricists who complement each other in a sophisticated, commercial way,” says Wildhorn. 

A writer for K-Pop and J-pop icons and multiple TV series and films, Green lends an ability to delve inside an artist’s or character’s point of view and deliver lyrics in their distinct voice, from their unique perspective.  This skill blends seamlessly with Miller’s proficiency in analyzing character motivation and emotional story arcs, which her years on Broadway bolstered.

According to Miller, “Carly’s songwriting is nuanced, intelligent, and catchy at the same time.  She’s like a wizard with language and detail, and she can write a kick ass, memorable hook like nobody’s business.” 

When it comes to Miller, Green says, “Tracy keeps us fiercely on track emotionally.  She’s relentless in making sure every word is authentic to what a character would feel, and like a poet, she captures an essence in each phrase.”

This creative dynamic in a favourite lyric from One Hundred Thousand Million Stars from YOUR LIE IN APRIL:

“One hundred thousand million stars hear a billion wishes just like ours,

If just one of them would listen – imagine all that it could do

I’d wish until the morning sun, and wish again until the one

In one hundred thousand million stars come through”

The duo’s repertoire has range, their turns of phrases and perfect rhymes are pithy and catchy, their references modern, and their artistic use of language reflective of the time and place of the piece for which they are writing while remaining original.

Your Lie in April

London theatre critics recognized Miller & Green’s lyrical style when the English-language concert of YOUR LIE IN APRIL debuted at the West End’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane in April.

“Even the most narrative-laden numbers that feature intricate lyricism never lose control of their poetic flair. They’re singable but deep, sophisticated but accessible.  In short, it’s a dream of a score.”

-BroadwayWorld UK

Combining classical music with contemporary melodies, the score features songs dealing with teenage themes of love, loss, and identity.  Plus, the show brilliantly introduces classical music to a young generation in a relatable way.   

The manga musical made its world premiere in Tokyo in 2022, starring J-Pop idol Erika Ikuta, toured throughout Japan, and will return to Tokyo next year.  

Concurrent with its West End premiere run, the show also opens in Seoul this summer, with an all-star cast of K-Pop idols including Lee Hong Gi, Lee Jae-jin, and Kei, and Jung Ji-so from Oscar-winning film, PARASITE.  

Miller & Green are thrilled to make their West End lyric debut on a project that’s personal to them both.  In a moment of life imitating art, Miller and Green each lost a parent on the very same day while writing the show in 2021.  

“We’re honored to bring this beautiful story to life – it’s about music, grief, hope, and love, and we hope it will touch anyone who’s experienced loss and the uplifting power of music,” says Green.  

Miller adds, “Writing songs like ‘I Can Hear You’ helped us grieve and solidified our relationship in a creative and deeply personal way.  We’re forever sisters.”  

As a mother, Miller wanted her message to her sons to shine through the show.  “We have to find the beautiful in life.  If we look at life as beautiful, that’s the way it’ll be.”  As a daughter, Green relates as her mother has been a great support throughout her music career.  

The women also connect with Kaori’s uplifting spirit.  “In writing Kaori’s theme, ‘Perfect,’ we wanted to capture the feeling that in making music, in living inside a song, we derive joy no matter what’s going on in life,” Green explains.  Miller, too, shares Kaori’s bright optimism; her life motto is “what a fabulous day!” 

On Deck

Since their award-winning musical adaptation of Osamu Dazai’s NO LONGER HUMAN premiered in Shanghai in 2021, Wildhorn, Miller & Green have been busy.  Their upcoming projects include:  FIRENZE 1504: LEONARDO VS. MICHELANGELO with Christopher Gattelli at the helm; THE STAR WHO FELL TO EARTH; a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, MAC & BETH; HOUDINI; KUNG FU MASTERS: BRUCE LEE / IP MAN; and an animated film adaptation of PRINCESS KNIGHT.  

When Wildhorn paired them, little did Miller & Green know that a creative partnership would lead to the West End and beyond.  

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