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The artistic journey of Leo Favarin from passion to profession

Through his art, Leo continues to inspire, create, and transform skin and lives with every tattoo he inks

By Jon Stojan

Leo Favarin (Image: Provided)

Amidst a world where creativity typically plays second fiddle to practicality, Leo Favarin’s story emerges as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere. Born with a pencil in hand and a deep love for all forms of art, Leo’s journey from a traditional career path to becoming a renowned tattoo artist is a testament to the power of following one’s passion.

Navigating societal expectations

For Leo, art was not something he did as a pastime but rather as a way of life. However, the social norms pushed him even further from what he truly wanted, as he graduated from university and got a well-paid job. Nevertheless, he felt unfulfilled, thus inspiring him to find a solution. This journey of self-examination extended into his study of philosophy, which pointed out the need for unity with surrounding nature, art, and oneself and restored his love for art, encouraging him to spend more time with his sketchbook and paint brushes, finding joy in art and through his creative expression.

Epiphany in Minas Gerais

Leo’s turning point happened when visiting a mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. He could experience the environmental impact of that job so that he could feel a deep rift between him and his work. This experience and his brother’s advice to try tattooing motivated him, and despite having no experience in tattooing, the idea felt right, and he decided to do it himself by taking his first step into the tattoo world, where he learned, observed, and set money aside to pay for his apprenticeship. With people mocking him for his boldness, Leo was not shaken because he was sure his life was in art and tattoos.

Global pursuits and cultural encounters

Leo’s dedication was rewarded when he started his apprenticeship at Batattoo in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo. The hustle of the daily commute from another city did not affect his inner soul; on the contrary – it was his fueling passion. By December 2010, Leo had progressed from an observer to a professional tattoo artist. Over the past 15 years, Leo’s tattooing has gone beyond his career, becoming his life’s calling. Over the years, his voyage has spanned the globe, meeting awesome people, acquiring diverse techniques, and cultivating his space as a great artist and an individual.

Recently, Leo’s adventures led him to San Diego, marking the end of a year-long journey that spanned three continents and 13 countries. This experience enriched him with new techniques and perspectives, which he eagerly applies to his work. In San Diego, Leo has found a vibrant tattoo scene and a community that appreciates his artistry. His focus on large-scale, realistic, and illustrative black and grey tattoos demonstrates his commitment to creating pieces that complement the body’s anatomy, inspired by his travels and encounters with diverse cultures.

Looking ahead: projects and progress

Leo’s future is bright, with numerous projects lined up in the US, particularly focusing on arm and leg sleeves and, soon, full-body tattoos. He is dedicated to learning and evolving. Moreover, Leo’s participation in prestigious tattoo conventions and guest spots in top tattoo shops highlights his standing as a respected figure in the tattoo world.

Leo Favarin’s story is beyond just a career autobiography; it is one that inspires others to pursue their goals. His story shows others that their dreams can be pursued at any age. Leo’s path from a traditional job to a globally recognized tattoo artist illustrates the significance of self-discovery, persistence, and the boldness to take a chance and pursue your true destiny. Follow Leo’s artistic journey and witness his latest creations on Instagram: @leofavarink. Through his art, Leo continues to inspire, create, and transform skin and lives with every tattoo he inks.

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