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‘28 Years Later’: Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes to star in zombie sequel

The zombie sequel will also see the return of director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland.

By Nick Reilly

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson shot for Rolling Stone UK. Aaron wears leather blazer by Tom Ford, shirt by Tom Ford, trousers by Lanvin (Picture: Kosmas Pavlos)

Jodie Comer, current Rolling Stone UK cover star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes will star in 28 Years Later, Danny Boyle’s anticipated sequel to the classic zombie horror 28 Days Later.

The new film sees Danny Boyle reunite with writer Alex Garland again, after the pair directed and wrote the 2002 film and produced its well received 2007 sequel 28 Weeks Later.

As reported earlier this year, the film is the first of a new planned trilogy. Deadline now reports that Comer and Bond-tipped star Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been drafted in as the leads for the first film, while Candyman director Nia DiCosta in talks to helm the second instalment. Both films will shoot back-to-back.

It is yet to be revealed if the film will see the return of Cillian Murphy as central character Jim, a bike courier who memorably woke from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic UK.

Boyle’s 2002 film is considered to be a turning point for the modern reinvention of zombie films, defined by the aggressive zombies who were able to run – a characterisation not previously seen in genre films up until that point.

Murphy previously told The Independent he would star in any future project in “a heartbeat”.

“I would be there in a flash. I made two movies with both of those guys, and I would love to work with them again. Of course, I’m there,” he said.