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Harry Styles was considered for role in ‘Mean Girls’ musical film

'What if we are all Glen Coco?' said the film's directors of their consideration to cast Styles.

By Nick Reilly

Harry Styles on the Red carpet at the Brit Awards 2023 (Picture: Kit Oates)

The directors of the big-screen adaptation of the Mean Girls musical have revealed that they considered asking Harry Styles to play a key role in the film.

The film, which is directed by Arturo Perez Jr and Samantha Jayne was released in UK cinemas on Friday (January 12).

It is an adaptation of Tina Fey’s celebrated 2018 Broadway musical, itself an adaptation of the original acclaimed 2004 movie which was also written by Fey. It tells the story of awkward teenager Cady Heron, who faces resistance from a group of “mean” girls after returning back to the US from Africa.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporterthe directors explained said they’d considered asking Harry Styles to play the role of Glen Coco, a popular and much-fancied student.

“There’s certain comedy that that flew and was funny 20 years ago, that just doesn’t fly today. We all knew that,” explained Jayne.

“But there are certain iconic lines where we would joke that there would be riots in the streets if it wasn’t in there. Like ‘You go, Glen Coco!’ Give the people what they want. Give me what I want! But when we were like, ‘Who’s Glen Coco?’

Perez Jr. then explained: “Who can it be? I remember us going, could we ask, like Harry Styles?”

Jayne added: ““We were like Harry Styles could be Glen Coco! Then we were like, hold on, we love to break the fourth wall: What if we are all Glen Coco? So, after 20 years, we can all feel like Glen Coco.”

While it’s yet to be revealed if Styles was approached for the role, the Mean Girls musical arrives in London this spring.