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Jordan Peele teases potential for ‘Nope’ sequel

“We’re not over telling all of these stories,” the director said

By Hollie Geraghty

Daniel Kaluuya in 'Nope'
Daniel Kaluuya in 'Nope'

Jordan Peele has suggested there is potential for a Nope sequel, sharing that he’s “not over telling all of these stories” just yet.

Following the release of the director’s sci-fi horror and acclaimed third feature film following Get Out and Us, fans noted that the IMDB listing for Nope omitted the character ‘Nobody’, played by Michael Busch.

The same character also appears in the trailer, but is missing from the full-length film. “People are doing a lot of interesting detective work, is what’s going on,” Peele said in a new interview with The New York Times. “The story of that character has yet to be told, I can tell you that. Which is another frustrating way of saying, I’m glad people are paying attention.”

He continued: “I do think [fans] will get more answers on some of these things in the future. We’re not over telling all of these stories.”

Nope centres around Otis ‘OJ’ Haywood Jr. (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald “Em” Haywood (Keke Palmer), two siblings running a horse ranch who run into UFOs tormenting and abducting citizens and tourists of the California desert town.

Meanwhile, Daniel Kayuula recently spoke about his exit from the Black Panther franchise, saying that he thought it was “what’s best” for the story.

The actor last month confirmed that he would not be reprising his role as W’Kabi in the Marvel film’s sequel due to scheduling conflicts with Nope.

Speaking at the recent Los Angeles premiere of Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, for which he served as producer, Kaluuya offered his thoughts on the first trailer.

“Of course, I’ve seen it!” the actor told Variety. “It’s amazing.”

He then explained his feelings on not returning for the film’s sequel. “It’s what’s best for the story, what’s best for the film,” he said. “I’m excited for it. I’m excited to watch it.”

Kaluuya was also asked about whether he would potentially feature in any future films with Marvel Studios. “You know I can’t tell you!” he laughed. “You’re supposed to start with that !”