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3 albums you need to hear this week

With music by Fleetwood Mac, Stormzy and David Bowie

By Rolling Stone UK

In the age of streaming, it’s never been easier to listen to new music — but with over 60,000 new songs added to Spotify every day, it’s also never been harder to know what to put on. Every week, the team at Rolling Stone UK will run down some of the best new releases that have been added to streaming services.

This week, we’ve highlighted releases by David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and Stormzy.

David Bowie, Divine Symmetry boxset.

The latest Bowie boxset, released for Record Store Day, is an all-encompassing celebration of the twelve months leading up to the release of Hunky Dory, his landmark 1971 album. With an array of home demos, BBC radio sessions and live and studio recordings, the box-set allows fans to pinpoint and contextualise exactly where Bowie was at this early juncture in his career.

Two books accompany Divine Symmetry – a 100 page hardback book featuring exclusive memorabilia and photos alongside a 60-page replica composite of Bowie’s notebooks from the era featuring handwritten lyrics, costume drawings, recording notes and set lists.

Stormzy, This Is What I Mean

On his third album, Stormzy offers his most introspective and downbeat collection of songs to date. Crucially though, this is no bad thing. Instead, he offers an album that shows off the breadth of his talent – with grime largely eschewed for stunning cuts of soul R&B and personal lyrics that take stock of his journey so far. Crafted on Essex’s Osea Island during a ‘music camp’, it’s packed with an array of artists who joined him on the trip. South London star Sampha proves a powerful addition on ‘Sampha’s Plea’, while newcomer Debbie shows off her powerful vocals on ‘Firebabe’. As for Stormzy himself, he offers a yearning side on the emotional clout of ‘Need You’ and ‘Bad Blood’. This album feels like a real step up.

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Fleetwood Mac, The Alternate Collection.

Released for Record Store Day, a collection of the rare alternate Fleetwood Mac tracks from 1975 -1987. While each was previously released individually for RSD, the new collection allows them to come together in one set on coloured vinyl. The set includes: The Alternate Fleetwood Mac, The Alternate Rumours, The Alternate Tusk (2LP), The Alternate Live, The Alternate Mirage, The Alternate Tango In The Night.