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50 Cent is sponsoring an under-14s football team in Wales

AFC Rumney's girls side now have the rapper and G-Unit logos on their new away shirt.

By Will Richards

50 Cent
50 Cent (Picture: Press)

50 Cent has become the unlikely sponsor of an under-14s girls football team in Wales.

The rapper and G-Unit now sponsor the away shirt of the Cardiff-based AFC Rumney’s girls team, after one of the players’ fathers worked with 50 Cent on a recent live tour.

As manager Richie Brown told BBC News, the club asked the man in question to “see if you can get some sponsorship out of him for us” while on the tour.

“He said he would ask the question – worst case scenario was [50 Cent] would have just said no. Thankfully he didn’t, he agreed to it,” Brown said.

“He sponsored our away kit first of all, and then we were a little bit cheeky. We asked for a little bit more, and he sponsored us again for our tracksuits.”

50 Cent is seen performing live onstage
50 Cent. (Picture: Flickr/S.C. Atkinson for DigBoston)

Discussing how the sponsorship changed the mood around the club, Brown added: “I’m sure more of [the parents] know who he is than the players because of their ages, but the buzz around the team and the whole club really is amazing and its all down to him.

“At first when you tell anybody they don’t believe it, they just say ‘no way, there’s no chance that’s going to happen, he’s too big of a superstar’.

“It’s huge for grassroots football teams to get people and businesses support us to be able to get better things.”