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Alfie Templeman returns with new single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

The singer is teasing the follow-up to his 2022 debut album 'Mellow Moon'.

By Will Richards

Alfie Templeman
Alfie Templeman (Picture: BLACKSOCKS)

Alfie Templeman has returned with brand new single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, the first taster of new music from the singer and songwriter.

The track, premiered as Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1, follows Templeman’s 2022 debut album Mellow Moon and preceding mini-album Forever Isn’t Long Enough.

Speaking about ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, Templeman said: “’Eyes Wide Shut’ is an amalgamation of ruminations I faced on tour. My brain always seems to be on full volume after a show and I find it really difficult to wind down. The adrenaline used to turn sour pretty quick once you’d get back to your hotel that looked the same as every other hotel. Eyes Wide Shut helped me express those feelings and since we started playing it live I often use it as a reminder to go easy on myself. It deters the burn out.”

He added: “Musically, Eyes was the first song I wrote for the album. I knew I wanted to make big, weird pop songs. At the time I was rinsing Prince and Talking Heads a lot, lots of crazy staccato synth textures and nutty bass lines.”

Watch the video for the new track below.

Speaking previously about his debut album and misconceptions about him as an artist, Templeman added: “I think people assume that I’m this easy, outgoing person but there’s actually a lot more layers to me and this record shows that.

“Writing songs like ‘Broken’, ‘Take Some Time Away’ and ‘Mellow Moon’ were like therapy. It was me asking ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and ‘How am I going to get better?’ Just figuring things out in real time. I had therapy but there were still things unresolved in my mind. So I turned to music for the answers.”

Discussing the album at the time of its release, Rolling Stone UK said Mellow Moon “presented a more confident, lyrically honest Templeman,” featuring “songs that glow with teenage nostalgia, anthemic angst and festival-ready shine”.