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Blackpink’s Jennie shares first solo single in five years, ‘You & Me’

Track follows her appearance as a pop star in the making on 'The Idol'

By Kory Grow

Blackpink's Jennie

Five years after the release of her first solo single, ‘Solo,’ Blackpink‘s Jennie is stepping out again with “You & Me.”

The song is part of a double single that features the original version of Jennie’s dance-pop track, plus ‘You & Me (Coachella ver.)’ — a remixed version the group premiered at its Coachella and BST Hyde Park concerts earlier this year.

“Nothing in the world can make me feel the way you do, the things you do,” sings Jennie. “I love you and me/Dancing in the moonlight/Nobody can see/It’s just you and me tonight.” The song released with a stunning visual featuring a dance performance set against a glowing moon.

The group teased the single by wallpapering its Instagram with pictures of the singer and the words “I love You & Me Dancing in the moonlight,” as well as “Nobody can see It’s just You & Me tonight” and “I really like it.” (Capitalisation all Blackpink’s.) One of the photos shows Jennie (but not you) in front of the moon.

Jennie previously performed the song at the opening night of Blackpink’s Born Pink world tour, which took place at Seoul, South Korea’s KSPO Dome in Oct. 2022, according to a press release.

She recently told the South Korean edition of Harper’s Bazaar that she was working on new music. “I’m making a song that’s by Jennie, the most Jennie and something unique that is only Jennie’s,” she said, according to Korea JoongAng Daily.

Jennie’s label, YG Entertainment, teased the single with a statement saying, “We hope the song becomes a special gift through which fans remember their memories from Born Pink tour,” according to the Twitter account KpopHerald.

Most recently, Jennie showed off her abilities as a solo performer on the critically-panned TV series, The Idol. She played a dancer and singer whom record industry execs groomed to replace the show’s star, played by Lily Rose-Depp. Jennie sang on ‘One of the Girls,’ a track that also featured Rose-Depp and the Weeknd. She also sang ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song’ at a Tokyo fashion show in June.