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BLITZERS: Making waves on Britain’s Got Talent and new EP LUNCH-BOX

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By Dale Fox

Members of BLITZERS sit together on a sofa
BLITZERS (Image: Provided)

K-pop group BLITZERS have turned heads as the first K-pop act to compete on Britain’s Got Talent, marking a watershed moment for both the K-pop scene and international music fans.

In mid-May, BLITZERS lit up the BGT stage with a rendition of Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’. Their performance showcased the polished choreography and vocal prowess that K-pop acts are known for, while also rightfully catching the judges’ attention.

Alesha Dixon praised the group’s polish, while Bruno Tonioli said they were “as good as anything I’ve seen around the world in the last 15 years.” Even Simon Cowell, known for his icy critiques, was impressed, noting, “It seems to me that you’re very ambitious and you’re friends. This is just brilliant, really.”

BLITZERS perform on Britain’s Got Talent

The group’s talent and charm carried them through to the semi-finals, where they upped the ante with a performance of WAR*HALL’s ‘Bring That Fire’. What’s more, BLITZERS continue to make history with several firsts in the K-pop scene. They became the first K-pop group to visit Pakistan, where they filmed a music video and interviewed local media.

Fresh tunes: LUNCH-BOX EP and catchy title track ‘SUPERPOWER’

Riding the wave of their success, BLITZERS dropped their fourth EP, LUNCH-BOX, on 19 June. The EP’s upbeat single, ‘SUPERPOWER’, promises to be a catchy addition to summer playlists. Its video shows the group in and around the streets of London, showcasing their polished dance moves (and even helping the city’s residents out of sticky situations. SUPERPOWER indeed).

LUNCH-BOX follows the group’s third EP, WIN-DOW, continuing their musical journey theme. While WIN-DOW explored new beginnings, LUNCH-BOX dives into the excitement of the journey itself, offering fans a glimpse into BLITZERS’ growth and experiences.

Rising stars

Members of BLITZERS pose together in black and white outfits
BLITZERS (Image: Provided)

Since their debut three years ago, BLITZERS have been steadily climbing the ranks in the competitive K-pop world. Their Britain’s Got Talent appearance marks a massive step onto the global stage, potentially opening doors for more international opportunities.

For BLITZERS, this experience is more than just a competition – it’s a chance to share their passion and talent with a wider audience, proving they have what it takes to stand out in the crowded music industry.

What’s next for BLITZERS?

As BLITZERS continue to make their mark, their Britain’s Got Talent journey and the release of LUNCH-BOX are the early exciting chapters in their hopefully long story. What’s next for these rising K-Pop superstars? Follow them on Instagram, YouTube, and X to find out. BLITZERS, an underdog group in the K-pop market, is set to work miracles by continuing to secure even more firsts.