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FEET announce new album ‘Make It Up’ with single ‘The Real Thing’

The follow-up to debut album ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’ will land this summer.

By Will Richards

FEET (Picture: Millie Cope)

FEET have announced details of a new album called Make It Up – listen to first single ‘The Real Thing’ below.

The follow-up to the five-piece’s debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham will come out on June 14 via Sub Cat Records.

“There’s no throw away ideas on this album and everything has to have its place. It has to be ironed out and perfected,” frontman George Haverson said of the new record.

Of the first single, he added: “[It’s] a song about confronting the transition in a relationship between a new thing to something more established. Asking a sincere question and hoping for an equally sincere response”.

Watch the video for ‘The Real Thing’ below.

Expanding on the sonic identity of the new album, Haverson added: “I don’t like to say polished, but it is perfected to a point where everything can be done in its fullest form. I feel like we’ve got 12 complete songs on this album and not 12 ideas. We’ve made the FEET machine and now it’s a case of inserting the right idea and the output is a great song.

“Before, it felt a bit more like we were throwing shit at the wall. This time round, everything feels a bit more refined.”“Being in a band is a big chunk of time in your life, but this is a choice we all make, and we don’t ever have to even think about coming back to FEET. It’s like our child, really, and we’re all the surrogate fathers of this band! That keeps us together, this desire to create and make something that’s truly great.”

The band are set to tour the UK and Europe from later this month in support of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Before heading out on the run of dates, they will play a headline show at the Brixton Windmill in London on February 19.