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Latin model to business owner of The House of Stash, Veronica Noriega, introduces Cur-V

By Kody Boye

Veronica Noriega (Image: Provided)

Embarking on a career and establishing a business in the modelling and fashion industry is a venture fraught with complexities. Widely recognised as one of the most fiercely competitive sectors globally, navigating the intricacies of building a business from the ground up within this dynamic space presents formidable challenges. Nevertheless, Veronica Noriega has demonstrated remarkable adeptness in gracefully maneuvering through these challenges, setting an inspiring example of resilience and success in the face of industry demands.

Veronica Noriega: A Source of Inspiration

Veronica Noriega emerges as a dazzling source of inspiration within the dynamic landscape of the art and fashion industry. Commanding the helm as the proprietor and operational mastermind behind “THE HOUSE OF STASH,” the local storefront carrying apparel for men and women in Atlanta’s Little Five Point District, Veronica not only gracefully navigates the intricacies of entrepreneurship but also orchestrates a transformative wave in the fashion and beauty arena with her unparalleled vision.

The Journey Begins

Veronica Noriega’s journey took root in California around 2009, when she initially stepped into the world of professional modeling. As the years unfolded, she diversified her roles within the beauty industry, extending her expertise beyond modeling to embrace the art of makeup. What truly distinguishes Veronica is her in-depth understanding of the beauty business, a quality that played a pivotal role in establishing “THE HOUSE OF STASH” as a dominant player in the beauty sector. In a surprisingly short timeframe, Veronica’s multifaceted experience and insight have contributed to the notable success of her venture.

Building CurV and House of Stash as a Lifestyle Sensation Brand

Evolving beyond its origins as a mere beauty haven, The House of Stash has seamlessly transformed into a lifestyle sensation intricately woven into people’s daily lives. Under Veronica’s curated vision, the brand has transcended its role as a beauty destination, emerging as a cultural phenomenon that defies conventional boundaries.

The Driving Force Behind Success

Veronica Noriega’s fervor for fashion, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, is the driving force behind The House of Stash’s monumental ascent. The genesis of this thriving establishment is rooted in Veronica’s unwavering passion and strategic mindset, propelling it to remarkable heights in the world of beauty and fashion.

A Nationwide Influence

Operating across diverse settings, from the vibrant streets of Miami to the eclectic ambiance of California, The House of Stash has sparked a ripple effect, resonating with individuals from all walks of life. It has evolved into more than a place; it’s a lifestyle choice—an embodiment of sophistication, trendsetting, and an unwavering commitment to self-expression.

Veronica Noriega (Image: Provided)
Veronica Noriega (Image: Provided)

Introducing CurV: A New Dimension

Veronica’s foresight extends beyond The House of Stash to include CurV, an active shapewear line for all developed by the influencer herself. This addition further enriches the immersive brand experience by encapsulating a mindset, an attitude, and a way of life that mirrors the dynamism and inclusivity defining both The House of Stash and CurV. As these brands continue to soar, they effortlessly intertwine with the daily narratives of their patrons, solidifying their status not just as beauty and shapewear havens but as integral components of a vibrant and ever-evolving lifestyle.

Deeply influenced by her inspirations, particularly drawing from icons like Jennifer Lopez, whose prowess in acting, modeling, and establishing a business from the ground up resonates with her.

This admiration extends to her mother, a pivotal figure molding Veronica into the accomplished entrepreneur she is today.

Modeling and Collaborations

Veronica is also an entrepreneur who has successfully ventured into modeling. She has appeared in well-known magazines such as All HipHop, Thisis50, and HipHopWeekly, which act as inspirational sources for other aspiring models. Her ventures even involve working with well-known artists, which shows how deep her business is in influence and connections in the industry.

Veronica Noriega (Image: Provided)
Veronica Noriega (Image: Provided)

Veronica’s varied career is a testimony not only of her aspiration but also of having contributed to the beauty industry, modeling, and, in a broader sense, the world of entertainment. This is something that Veronica felt she wanted to do at a very tender age, which she has achieved through hard work and care in her career as a model and businesswoman.

Balancing Life and Career

Veronica is a multifaceted woman who has achieved excellent feats both in her career and in managing a growing business while also being a phenomenal mother and successful model.

This is evident on social media, which she uses to interact with her fans, as well as leaving a defining mark on Instagram, TikTok, and even on the streets as you come across a woman who reflects the idea of inspiring women to do what they love. Veronica’s trip from a booming modeling career to creating an empire in the beauty industry with The House of Stash further adds credibility to her determination, innovation, and business skills. Her inspirational journey inspires so many other young entrepreneurs and models and lets them know that their passion and vision can have a place in the world of the fashion and beauty industry.

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