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Maribou State’s Chris Davids reveals rare brain condition and project hiatus

The duo are “pressing pause” on the project, but have finished their third album.

By Will Richards

Maribou State
Maribou State (Picture: Mitchell Wojcik)

Electronic duo Maribou State have announced they are taking a break from the project, owing to member Chris Davids being diagnosed with a rare brain condition.

A statement online told fans: “Over the past few years Liam and I have hidden ourselves away to write our third album, a process which has not been an easy one. In 2022 I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called Chiari malformation. It had been the cause of a mix of symptoms including; debilitating headaches, insomnia and bad mental health, which have been hugely impacting my life and productivity in the studio. After trying a variety of conservative treatments I made the difficult decision to undergo brain surgery in November last year.

The surgery, for the most part, was successful and the symptoms have now either been resolved or are in remission, however there were multiple complications that have since slowed down my recovery and presented me with new challenges, that five months on, are still ongoing.”

The statement added: “As a result we’ve had to make the hard decision of pressing pause on the project for the time being. We are therefore very sad to say we are cancelling all our live shows this year and postponing the release of any new music.

“We know this will come as very disappointing news for those who have purchased tickets and have been patiently waiting on new music. We’re incredibly frustrated but touring requires so much more love and energy than I’m currently able to give. We hope you understand our reasoning for making this decision.”

The pair concluded: “On a more positive note, I AM making progress, Liam IS in good health and able to continue DJ’ing, we DO have a finished third album; one we’re both incredibly proud of and excited to share with you all, and the live band WILL be getting back together as soon as the albums released.

“Thank you all so much for your patience. It’s been a long journey since the last album but we’re both so grateful for the all the love and support you’ve continued to show, and we both truly can’t wait to send some of that back your way once I’m out the other side.”

Maribou State released debut album Portraits in 2015, following it up in 2018 with Kingdoms in Colour. They have cancelled a number of live performances over summer including at the Lost Village and Forwards festivals.