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4 albums you need to hear this week

With music by Weyes Blood, Neil Young and Honey Dijon

By Rolling Stone UK

In the age of streaming, it’s never been easier to listen to new music — but with over 60,000 new songs added to Spotify every day, it’s also never been harder to know what to put on. Every week, the team at Rolling Stone UK will run down some of the best new releases that have been added to streaming services.

This week, we’ve highlighted releases by Weyes Blood, Neil Young and Dermot Kennedy.

Dermot Kennedy, Sonder

The title of Dermot Kennedy’s second album comes courtesy of American writer John Koenig, who coined the made-up word to reflect “the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.”

It’s a mantra which rings true on the Irish singer’s world-facing second album. There are moments of relatable heartache and yearning on the slick pop of ‘Something to Somebody’, while ‘Better Days’ strikes a cautious note of optimism. In taking stock and looking at the lives of others, Kennedy has crafted another solid collection of relatable and hook-filled pop songs. Fans will lap it up.

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Weyes Blood, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow 

When Natalie Mering began writing her fifth album as Weyes Blood, Los Angeles was in the midst of the pandemic. Understandable, then, that this is a record that takes a skewered and powerful look at the idea of end times. While avoiding ham-fisted or soon-to-be-dated references to the actual pandemic, it is more palpable in the sense of apocalyptic melancholia that runs throughout. “Has a time ever been more revealing that the people are hurting?“, she asks on opening track ‘ ‘It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody’. In crafting songs as accomplished and often stunning as these, Mering proves there’s definite beauty to be found amidst the darkness.

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Honey Dijon, Black Girl Magic

On her second album, New York house legend Honey Dijon offers 15 tracks that span the whole sonic gamut – there is disco, acid house and soul all to be found here. An all-star array of guests can be found too, in the likes of Eve, Pabllo Vittar, Josh Caffe, Mike Dunn, and many more.

“This album is dedicated to love. Love of music, community, but most of all the love of self,” Honey Dijon said of Black Girl Magic. “Being true to who you are in spite of everything else and having the courage to love fearlessly.”

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse, World Record

He might be fifteen albums into his collaboration with Crazy Horse and on his 42nd LP overall, but World Record proves that Neil Young’s powerful spirit burns as brightly as ever. Here is a record that provides a powerful and urgent wake-up call for us to change our ways if we want the planet to have a brighter tomorrow. “The world is in trouble now”, he croons on ‘This Old Planet (Changing Days)’. That might be the case, but Young’s conviction to the cause at least makes you feel slightly more hopeful for change.

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