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A “surprise” new album from Elton John is just weeks away

Sir Elt's touring days might be behind him, but the albums continue to come...

By Nick Reilly

Elton John wearing a gold jacket and red lens glasses
Elton John wore the Starlight glasses from his own range at Glastonbury (Image: BBC)

Elton John has reportedly recorded a “surprise” new album that is just weeks away from release.

That’s according to the singer’s close friend and career-defining co-writer Bernie Taupin, who revealed that the singer’s 32nd studio album is “done”.

As Music News reports, Taupin revealed the record at ‘The Other Songs Live’, saying: “Elton and I have an album coming out very soon, but I daren’t say anything about it because I’m under strict orders to keep schtum. It’s all done and recorded.”

Taupin further explained that the album will “surprise” and “excite” people, adding: “I think it’s quite brilliant and quite contemporary and it will certainly surprise a lot of people and excite a lot of people and hopefully be successful.”

It comes after Elton hinted at the record when he inducted Taupin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame late last year.

Though continuing to record, last year saw Elton retire from live touring – with his last UK performance coming in the form of a headline set at Glastonbury.

If this truly is the end of Elton’s performing days, then he’s going out on an almighty high,” our verdict stated.

“But his voice – seemingly unaffected by the ravishes of time – and unparalleled talent, are still shining as bright as ever. On the basis of tonight’s show, it’s high time to hope for one more trip on the yellow brick road.”