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Banksy has reportedly bought a pub near Glastonbury festival

The Bristol-based artist is rumoured to have bought The Crown in Pilton

By Charlotte Krol

The Crown Inn in Pilton (Picture: Google)

Banksy has bought a historic pub near to the Glastonbury festival site in Pilton, Somerset.

That’s according to reports by ITV News and The Sun, in which sources claim that the celebrated graffiti artist has purchased The Crown pub.

The Bristol-based artist, whose identity is famously unknown, is said to to have bought the pub built in the 1600s for £1 million.

The Crown remained closed for many years however it opened briefly in 2021 and then opened fully in November 2022 following the end of COVID-19 restrictions.

Reports that Banksy is The Crown’s new owner have not been confirmed.

Pilton residents have, however, commented on the potential purchase. “I guess it could be true but nobody knows… no one knows what he looks like. It would be quite good if it was true. A mural might pop up on the wall,” one resident told ITV News.

The Crown had an extensive renovation prior to opening and is said to now feature decor that includes work by Banksy and his friend Dorcas Casey, who featured in his Dismaland Exhibition.

Owain Powell is the current manager of the pub and has worked as a caterer on the Glastonbury campsite. Powell gained local popularity by operating a mobile fish and chip shop during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

A source suggested to The Sun that Banksy may have bought the pub to be more involved with Glastonbury festival.

“Banksy loved the idea of being part of Glastonbury and its right-on message,” the source said. “It’s also a gateway to all the music superstars who attend. He has put a decent chunk of money in.”

Banksy's ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ artwork
Banksy’s ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ artwork. CREDIT: Banksy

The news follows Banksy’s latest artwork being relocated to Dreamland in Margate, Kent.

Banksy unveiled the piece, an apparent comment on domestic violence, in February to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Titled Valentine’s Day Mascara, the graffiti depicts a 1950s housewife with a bruised eye and a missing tooth.

The woman’s husband appears to have been pushed into a real-life freezer that’s been placed in front of the wall along with other items, including a broken garden chair and an empty beer bottle.

The mural, located at Grosvenor Place in Margate, has since caused issues with the local council “on the grounds of safety”, resulting in the freezer being removed. The appliance was later returned before being taken away once again by London’s Red Eight Gallery.

Now, it has been announced that Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Mascara piece has found a new permanent home at Dreamland Margate.