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BTS’ Jin opens up on his first performance post-military: ‘I felt like I was home’

Jin was discharged from the Korean military last month.

By Nick Reilly

BTS member Jin with RM and Jimin outside a military base in Yeoncheon, South Korea. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP

BTS star Jin has opened up about the experience of performing for the first time since being discharged from the military last month.

In videos and photos shared by the media last month, Jin was joined by his BTS bandmates outside the military barracks. BTS member RM played an abridged version of the group’s hit song ‘Dynamite’ on the saxophone while bandmates hugged and Jin waved to the cameras.

Describing his experience in the army and his first performance afterwards, Jin told Weverse magazine: ““When you’re in the army, there’s a lot of restrictions in place, and none of the stuff you have is your own, which isn’t always easy.

“But once I was onstage, I had my fans in front of me, my own mic and in-ears, and everything about it felt just the way I remembered. It felt like I was home.”

Explaining how he felt a “nervous excitement”, Jin said: ““The fans might not want to hear this, but I tried really hard not to let the feeling sink in. I mean, it was the very next day after I got out of the army. I didn’t have much time to practise, and it’d been forever since I last sang.”

Jin also admitted he thought he “might cry if I started singing and got too worked up and started getting all emotional”.

“I had to put on a good show for the fans, so I couldn’t let myself get choked up to the point I couldn’t sing,” Jin said. Now, he’s “hard at work” on a new album.

“Fortunately, the guys all finished making their own albums before enlisting, and now Jimin’s is coming out. That made me think I better not wait too long to release mine after his is out, so I’m working to get it done fast,” he said.

In January, one year into his service, Jin began teasing plans for his return. Celebrating the New Year, he shared a pre-recorded video with fans, saying: “I’m leaving this video so you can watch my pretty, handsome face and spend January and February warmly. I miss you all. I miss you a lot,” he added. “Wait just a bit more and you’ll be able to see me with short hair. I’ll grow my hair quickly this year and I’ll be able to start working hard soon.”

He will also be a torchbearer for the Paris Olympics.

BTS announced they would go on hiatus in 2022 so all seven members could complete their miliatry service requirements. The group is expected to reconvene in 2025.