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Daisy Brain debuts video for new track ‘Small Matters’

Watch the new video from the London star exclusively on Rolling Stone UK

By Nick Reilly

Daisy Brain
Daisy Brain (Picture: Sully)

London grunge star Daisy Brain has debuted the new video for their latest track ‘Small Matters’. You can watch it exclusively below on Rolling Stone UK.

The angsty track first debuted last week and sees the singer, real name Will Tse, reflecting on the battles of “suppressing your innermost feelings.”

“Everyone has a breaking point, and little things in your day that might seem insignificant on the surface build up and put you past that threshold,” he said.

“This song is about that moment where the slightest thing could be the last straw and shatter your composure.”

The new video is directed by filmmaker Sully and sees the singer capturing the power of youth while hanging out with friends at a local skate park.

“Small Matters is about breaking points, everyone has them, and I wanted to encapsulate that in the video – we wanted to shoot something that felt very real and raw and relatable, whilst also just being fun and young and genuine,” he told Rolling Stone UK.

“I wanted to capture the highs and lows of seemingly quite mundane things. So we got a bunch of our friends and had a party at the skate park, ordered loads of pizza and tried to create an atmosphere that felt really spontaneous and just fun in an honest simple kind of way.”

He added: “The other side is the real frustration in these mundane, miserable experiences – getting berated by your boss, stacking it and falling off your board. Any of which could be the last straw that makes you snap. Funnily enough I got fired from my day job the day we shot this video …”

The latest release comes after Daisy Brain released his debut EP Disconnected Happy in April, featuring tracks such as ‘Down’, ‘What Would You Do?’ and ‘Digital Atlas’.

He will head out on his own UK Headline tour in November.