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Demi Lovato criticised for partnership with “conspiracy website” Gaia

The site has been called "a hub for QAnon influencers"

By Patrick Clarke

Demi Lovato poses for press photo
Demi Lovato (Picture: Press)

Demi Lovato has announced a new partnership with the alternative streaming site Gaia, with the singer receiving backlash for the platform’s history of sharing conspiracy videos.

“Thrilled to be a @wearegaia ambassador,” Lovato wrote on social media, along with a photo in which they pose with a phone running the app. “Understanding the world around us (the known and the unknown) is so exciting to me! Check out my stories to learn more!”

The site, which began with videos on yoga, meditation and fringe science, has recently drawn attention for its hosting of many unproven conspiracy theories. A report last year by The Daily Dot described Gaia as “a hub for QAnon influencers”.

The site also hosted content by renowned conspiracy theorist David Icke last year, a month after both YouTube and Facebook deleted his pages off their platforms.

On a curated Lovato-themed page, users can view a free episode of a Gaia show about “an ancient space program”, before being invited to sign up for a $11.99 a month membership. A list of Lovato’s “handpicked favourite shows” includes a series claiming that Atlantis was real and that humanity is living in the aftermath of a battle between giants and “reptilians”.

Lovato was subjected to criticism from some social media users. One accused them of “promoting dangerous conspiracy content, including ancient alien and lizard people material Gaia uses to lure readers to right-wing extremism.”

“Gaia is lame ‘ancient aliens’ type shit. This is like Sean Stone level nonsense. It’s just a complete distraction from poverty/war/pollution/etc,” said another.

Sean Stone is the son of director Oliver Stone and previously used the site to host an interview with conspiracy theorist Kerry Cassidy, who has repeatedly claimed that Coronavirus is a hoax.

Lovato’s interest in UFOs has been previously documented. They recently hosted a documentary series on the subject called ‘Unidentified’ on streaming service Peacock, and last month said that the term ‘alien’ is derogatory.

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson responded to Lovato’s claim, telling them that aliens “have no feelings.” While describing Lovato as “considerate,” he also wondered why they are “worried about offending them by calling them an alien.”