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Look at me, look at me, you lookin: Doja Cat X Skechers Collection

Doja Cat launches her premiere sneaker collection in collaboration with the LA-based footwear brand Skechers.

By Aaron Pandher

Wait a meow-ment… global superstar, Doja Cat, was recently unveiled as Skechers’ inaugural Artist-in-Residence and starred in her debut Skechers UNO campaign earlier this spring. Not only is she releasing a new album and embarking on her first tour as a headliner, but she’s also launching her premiere sneaker collection in collaboration with the LA-based footwear brand, scheduled to hit the market on September 28th.

Speaking about the collaboration, Doja Cat said: “Creating my own shoe with Skechers feels incredibly cool. Designing something inspired by the iconic sneakers worn by my peers from back in the day – like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera – makes me feel like I’m contributing to a rich history.”

The Inspiration

The Skechers x Doja Cat collection is a delightful journey back to early 2000s fashion that bears her creative touch. Doja’s steez is incomparable, serving look after look and continually looking outside of the box in her style. Her fresh perspective on Skechers D’Lites® sneakers were famously donned by the singer during her Coachella performance in 2022. The campaign provides a glimpse into Doja’s exploration of simplicity in colour palettes and her playful incorporation of edgy elements, offering fans a refreshing perspective on her style. Inspired and excited?

Doja Cat said of the collaboration campaign: “For this campaign, I worked with Skechers to create visuals that were simplistic, art-forward, edgy…and all the while we explored different elements like fire, burnt textures, and the aftermath of the flames.”

The Collection

This iconic heritage style receives a distinct ‘Doja-fyed’ makeover through the incorporation of diverse materials, including premium leathers complemented by hints of patent leather and mesh. Also, a unique metallic marble lug bottom, adding a pop of colour as you put your best foot forward. You will find just the pair(s) for you as the collection boasts an array of vibrant as well as more understated color options, all adorned with the signature Skechers x Doja Cat logo. In the words of Doja, ‘[this collection and you] real life made for each other’.

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