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Festival season could be hit by the UK’s wettest summer in 100 years

Dust off those wellies...

By Nick Reilly

Festival goers leave the Glastonbury Festival 2016 at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 26, 2016 near Glastonbury, England. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It’s been claimed that the UK could be in for the wettest summer in 100 years, meaning that festival goers could be well advised to pack their wellies.

That’s according to LBC, who say the Met Office have briefed the government for the possibility of roughly 50 “wet days” over the next three months.

The summer of 2023, meanwhile, saw 40 days of rain – and one of the hottest Glastonbury Festivals on record as temperatures soared to over 27 degrees.

The Met Office long-range forecast, per LBC, said: “The chances of a wetter-than-average period are higher than a drier-than-average one. Rainfall at this time of year has a greater risk of localised heavy downpours and thunderstorms.”

So far in 2024, London has experienced its wettest February since 1836, whilst the winter of 2023/24 was the UK’s eighth wettest on record, according to Met Office data.

And while it’s too early to properly predict weather for some of the UK’s biggest festivals, Time Out says that Glastonbury could see highs of 16-20 degrees, and Worthy Farm is currently only due to see showers on Wednesday June 26, day one of the festival. 

Still, worth taking those wellies…