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FLO celebrates the ‘3 of Us’ with surprise EP release: ‘made with love’

'A gift to the FLO Lifers who have been waiting so patiently for new music,' said the group.

By Tomás Mier

The three members of Flo all wear black and make faces in a press shot
FLO (Picture: Press)

On Monday, British trio FLO surprise-released three-song EP, 3 of Us, to celebrate the group reaching 333,000 followers on Instagram on July 3.

The project features songs “Control Freak,” “Change,” and “3 of Us,” the first two of which they’ve been performing on the road, including at their recent appearance at Glastonbury Festival. The project’s cover art features a photo of members Stella Quaresma, Renée Downer, and Jorja Douglas showing their matching tattoos of the number 3 on their wrists.

“A gift to the FLO Lifers who have been waiting so patiently for new music, we hope this will keep you fed whilst we finish off the album,” FLO wrote on Instagram. “Made with love.”

All three tracks were co-produced by MNEK, who the group told Rolling Stone is “integral to our music and journey.” “He’s literally the fourth member,” Quaresma said. 

3 of Us follows the release of their song “Fly Girl,” featuring Missy Elliott, in late March, Stomrzy collab “Hide & Seek” earlier this year, along with last year’s one-off single ‘Losing You‘ and EP The Lead.

FLO spoke to Rolling Stone as they were selected as Future 25 artists last month to discuss their upcoming debut album.

“We’ll jump on the mic and freestyle some melodies and see where the wind takes us,” Downer said. “We like to work very militantly to get a song done.” 

“We’re trying to do things a little bit differently,” Douglas added. “We have to be really honest with each other and with the people we work with. We have to make sure how we feel is being heard.”