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Franz Ferdinand share video for new song ‘Billy Goodbye’

The band have written two new songs for a compilation album, 'Hits To The Head'

By Jen Thomas

Franz Ferdinand in a darkened room in front of a table
Franz Ferdinand have a new line-up and album (Photo: Domino Records/Press)

Franz Ferdinand are back with a new album and have shared the video for new single ‘Billy Goodbye’.

The new record is called ‘Hits to the Head’ and will be a 20-song greatest hits compilation.

Fans can get their hands on it next year, on March 11 via Domino Records.

Featuring a collection of Franz Ferdinand’s best and biggest hits, it also comes with two brand new songs: ‘Billy Goodbye’ and ‘Curious’.

Watch the new ‘Billy Goodbye’ video below.

Singer Alex Kapranos talked about the process of curating this new collection: “It’s the same as writing a set-list for a festival: You want to play the songs you know people want to hear. The hits. Bring the hits to the head. The heart. The feet.”

“That means obvious singles, but also songs you know have a special meaning for both band and audience like ‘Outsiders.’

“We also added two new songs, recorded last year: ‘Billy Goodbye’ and ‘Curious,’ both co-produced at the last stage with Stuart Price. I have friends who believe you’re somehow not a ‘real’ fan if you own a best of rather than a discography,” he continued.

“I disagree. I think of my parents’ record collection as a kid. I loved their compilation LPs. I am so grateful that they had ‘Changes’ or ‘Rolled Gold’. Those LPs were my entrance point. My introduction.”

The Greatest Hits collection is the band’s first studio album since they released ‘Always Ascending’ back in 2018.

Franz Ferdinand recently revealed they have parted ways with their long-time drummer.

Paul Thomson had been a part of the band for 19 years.

The band announced the news in a statement: “Hello world. Paul is leaving the band. It was a bit of a shocker for us when we found out, so it probably will be for some of you too. Paul has been our friend for over twenty five years & we’re looking forward to at least another twenty five. He’s a funny, smart, sensitive guy.”

They added: “Not a bad drummer either. You don’t spend 20 years touring the world with someone without them becoming like family and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. We’re glad we shared those adventures and experiences together and look forward to hearing what he gets up to next.”

They confirmed that Thomson was being replaced by Audrey Tait. In their statement, they referred to Tait as “one of the other best drummers in the world” and described her as “a great laugh.”

Find the ‘Hits To The Head’ tracklist below.

1. ‘Darts of Pleasure’
2. ‘Take Me Out’
3. ‘The Dark of the Matinée’
4. ‘Michael’
5. ‘This Fire’
6. ‘Do You Want To’
7. ‘Walk Away’
8. ‘The Fallen’
9. ‘Outsiders’
10. ‘Lucid Dreams’
11. ‘Ulysses’
12. ‘No You Girls’
13. ‘Right Action’
14. ‘Evil Eye’
15. ‘Love Illumination’
16. ‘Stand on the Horizon’
17. ‘Always Ascending’
18. ‘Glimpse of Love’
19. ‘Curious’
20. ‘Billy Goodbye’