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Gene Simmons tells anti-vaxxers to “get over yourselves”

As well as commenting on vaccine hesitancy, the Kiss frontman has called Prime Minister Boris Johnson “cool as cool can be”

By Grace Almond

Gene Simmons appears on ITV's Good Morning Britain wearing a black cap and sunglasses
Simmons has blasted anti-vaxxers, telling them to "prevent other people from getting your stuff!". Source: Twitter/ @GMB

Gene Simmons has come out in support of the Covid-19 vaccine, telling anti-vaxxers to “get over yourselves”.

The KISS lead singer and bassist appeared on today’s (October 22) episode of ITV’s breakfast show, ‘Good Morning Britain’, to discuss a range of topics, including his interest in painting. The musician called into the show from Las Vegas, US.

Simmons also expressed his support for mask-wearing, and discussed the conditions for entry to the upcoming KISS Kruise, which takes place between October 29 and November 3 this year, and will involve a five night round trip from the Port of Miami to Harvest Caye, Belize and Roatan, Honduras. Simmons explained “you will not be able to get onto the Kruise unless you’re vaccinated”.

Speaking on the show, Simmons used a traffic light analogy to support his point: “When you get up to a red light you must stop, that’s because it’s not about you it’s about the other innocent people going by.”

The singer added “Get over yourself. Even when you get a new car, you must put on a seatbelt” and “Shut up, be respectful of other people, and get a vaccine!”

Simmons’ words drew praise from many people online, with one Twitter user saying it was one of “the best metaphors for Covid vaccination” they had ever heard: 

Another called Simmons a “top man”:

The singer also expressed his support for Boris Johnson, describing himself as “a big fan” of the prime minister, and calling him “as cool as cool can be”.

Recently, Simmons has been getting ready to exhibit some of his paintings. The Covid-inspired works are due to be shown at the Animazing Gallery in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo, in an exhibition called ‘Gene Simmons ArtWorks’. The exhibition will debut to the public today (October 22) and tomorrow, and will remain on display until they are sold.

The gallery’s CEO, Nicholas Leone, has described the collection: “I think, beyond… the execution of what he’s doing, it’s the variety,” adding “it’s powerful. It’s dynamic. It’s personal. And it’s just full of energy”. 

Commenting on his love for producing art, Simmons said “I’ve always secretly done this because I didn’t think anybody cared,” adding “we all have our secret passions”.