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Go behind the scenes of Charli XCX’s Rolling Stone UK cover shoot

Watch our exclusive BTS video now.

By Nick Reilly

Charli XCX
Charli XCX (Picture: Harley Weir)

Charli XCX has discussed the influence of her own personality and clubbing on her latest album in a new behind-the-scenes video from her Rolling Stone UK cover shoot.

The singer appears on the cover of issue 17 of Rolling Stone UK – you can read the full cover story online here.

In the feature she talks about the creation of her forthcoming album Brat, and explains the influences even further in our BTS video.

Explaining how the album encouraged her to “look within,” Charli explained: “I really wanted to make this album very conversational. That was kind of my main goal with this record, to make it feel like things I would say to my friends over a FaceTime call or a group text. Especially lyrically. I try to not get bogged down with references because I find it limiting. I think about what I can say that nobody else can say and that generally is things in my head.”

She also reflects on what it would have been like to party in different decades, citing the influence of New York’s Studio 54 and, latterly, UK raves in the 90s.

“I watched Human Traffic the other night and that’s set in the 90s. I feel like an M25 rave in the 90s would have been really good,” she said. “I would have had a lot of fun doing that.”

Watch the full video below.

It comes as Charli gears up to release her next album Brat ahead of a major UK arena tour later this year.

Telling fans about her new album, which arrives on June 7, Charli previously said: “Was struggling to find the words for this earlier. Every record I make is my ‘favourite record’ once i finish it, but I think this one might be my all time favourite forever.”

Taken from the June/July issue of Rolling Stone UK – you can buy it here now.