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Is Taylor Swift teasing ‘Tortured Poets Department’ additions to the Eras Tour?

Is her marathon show aboutt to include another era?

By Jon Blistein

Taylor Swift (Picture: Beth Garrabrant)

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was already a marathon — three hours, a 45-song setlist on average — and now, ahead of the European leg of the trek, she has 31 more tracks from her new albumThe Tortured Poets Department, to choose from.

Swift returns to the stage in just under two weeks, with a four-night run in Paris, May 9 through 12. And in anticipation she shared a video of her preparations on YouTube Shorts that some fans think may be teasing some TTPD editions.

To start, the video is set to “Fortnight” — the album’s lead single and, well, the European tour does start in a fortnight — but eagle-eyed viewers have also picked up on a quick shot of her background dancers in top hats and canes, an ostensibly fresh addition to the wardrobe. 

At one point, too, she’s leaning up a against a railing that appears to be framing some letters, and if you squint hard enough one looks like “P” as if it’s part of a sign that spells out TTPD. But based on the available evidence, that one might be a stretch.

Even still, it feels reasonable enough to guess — without forensic dissection of a YouTube Shorts clip — that the new era of the Eras Tour will feature some tracks from The Tortured Poets Department because, well, that’s what artists do when they go out on tour: Play their new album. It’s probably just a question of whether this puts a few songs on the chopping block, or Swift truly says, “Fuck it,” and adds another 30/45 minutes to the show. 

The European leg of the Eras Tour will run through the summer, wrapping with a five-night stand in London in August. After that, Swift will play a final round of shows in North America, with concerts scheduled in Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Toronto, and Vancouver.

From Rolling Stone.