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Johnny Marr releases two new singles ‘Tenement Time’ and ‘Sensory Street’

The new tracks make up the second quarter of the guitarist's forthcoming double album, ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4’

By Hollie Geraghty

Johnny Marr wear black and looks down at the camera in a press shot
The former Smiths guitarist's double album, ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4’, is due to be released February 25, 2022 (Photo: Andy Cotterill).

Johnny Marr has announced two new singles ‘Tenement Time’ and ‘Sensory Street’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Fever Dreams Pt 2’.

The EP, due for release on December 17, will preview four new tracks that make up the second quarter of Marr’s recently announced double album, ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4’, due to be released February 25, 2022.

‘Sensory Street’ follows the release of EP opener ‘Spirit, Power and Soul’, while ‘Tenement Time’ closes up the double album’s first half, described as a reflection of the former Smiths guitarist’s childhood.

Speaking about ‘Tenement Time’, Marr said: “That’s the experience of growing up in the inner city as a little kid, running around being quite wild. This idea of ‘Forever, forever is mine’ – it’s about running around Ardwick, bunking into warehouses and getting chased.

“That was the first time I was self-consciously into culture: around people who wore certain clothes, and it was part of being a little Manchester boy, really. I have a real romanticism about that period of my life.”

Listen to the tracks below.

The two tracks will make up half of the ‘Fever Dreams Pt 2’ EP, alongside new songs  ‘Lightning People’ and ‘Hideaway Girl’.

Marr is also set to perform an intimate livestream event ‘Live At The Crazy Face Factory’, premiering on Wednesday November 10, and will be available on-demand until November 14. Marr will also discuss his creative process, life in song writing, and perform tracks with a full band from across his career.

Tickets can be purchased here, and screening listings can be found here.

Marr recently spoke about the creative process behind the new double album. “There’s a set of influences and a very broad sound that I’ve been developing – really since getting out of The Smiths until now, and I hear it in this record,” he said.

“There are so many strands of music in it. We didn’t do that consciously, but I think I’ve got a vocabulary of sound. And I feel very satisfied that I’ve been able to harness it.”

He added: “It’s an inspired record, and I couldn’t wait to get in and record every day. But I had to go inwards.”

The first quarter of the album, the ‘Fever Dreams Pt 1’, EP was released last month, featuring tracks ‘Spirit Power and Soul’, ‘Receiver’, ‘All These Days’ and ‘Ariel’. 

Marr also co-wrote the soundtrack for the newest James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ with regular collaborator Hans Zimmer, including the film’s title track of the same name, written with Billie Eilish and Finneas.

In 2022 Marr will join Blondie as a special guest on their ‘Against The Odds’ headline tour through April and May, before heading out on The Killers’ headline US arena tour in August to October 2022.

Find the full track listing for ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4’ below.

1. ‘Spirit Power & Soul’

2. ‘Receiver’

3. ‘All These Days’

4. ‘Ariel’

5. ‘Lightning People’

6. ‘Hideaway Girl’

7. ‘Sensory Street’

8. ‘Tenement Time’

9. ‘The Speed of Love’

10.’ Night and Day’

11. ‘Counter-Clock World’

12. ‘Rubicon’

13. ‘God’s Gift’

14. ‘Ghoster’

15. ‘The Whirl’

16. ‘Human’