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M Huncho unveils striking new mask at London show

Exclusive: The masked rapper has shown off a new disguise designed by Lucien Clarke

By Nick Reilly

M Huncho shows off his new mask (Picture: Press)
M Huncho shows off his new mask (Picture: Sully @_Sullman)

M Huncho has signalled the start of a new chapter in his career by ditching his iconic mask for an entirely new design.

The London rapper, whose identity remains a closely guarded secret, showed off the new stage wear as he performed at O2 Academy Brixton last night (March 22).

Fans arriving to the show were greeted with the site of the rapper’s old mask in a glass box outside the venue, sparking speculation on whether the artist was about to finally ditch the mask and reveal his identity.

However, the rapper instead opted to show off a new disguise midway through the show – which has been designed by skateboarder and Louis Vuitton collaborator Lucien Clarke.

While the old mask saw the rapper’s face obscured by a dark blue design, the new stage-wear is black and features a selection of words written across it. “Utopia” and “Huncho” are written above and below the rapper’s right eye, while “1st” can be seen in a smaller print underneath his left eye.

He also teased the re-invention hours before the show by sharing a video of his old mask burning on the street outside Brixton Academy.

Speaking exclusively to Rolling Stone UK about the new design, he said: “I feel like I reached a space that I haven’t reached before…mentally & spiritually. The mask change represents growth, strength, commitment and shear will.

M Huncho shows off his new mask (Picture: Press)
M Huncho shows off his new mask while holding the old one in his hands (Picture: Press)

“Lucien Clarke is someone who inspired me with his work and I had to get him on board as I knew that he would understand how I felt.”

Huncho went on to explain how Clarke sought inspiration from ‘Chasing Euphoria’, the rapper’s forthcoming debut album.

“I played him the album. I told him what I feel like. What I think about a new face, and he was on board,” he said.

“Most importantly, he understood where I was coming from. In these misunderstood environments we are from. Sometimes all you need is to be understood. And there we had it…a few months down the line. A new face. A new approach. A new energy. A new sound. A new vibe. A new love for music.”

M Huncho’s ‘Chasing Euphoria’ lands on May 20.