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Muse describe new album ‘Will Of The People’ as “best” yet

“This album goes from metal all the way to pop to my first version to an Adele song"

By Hollie Geraghty

Muse pose for a press photo
Muse in 2022 (Photo: Press)

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has discussed what fans can expect from forthcoming new album ‘Will Of The People’, describing it at the band’s “best” record.

Last week Muse announced their anticipated ninth studio album following a dramatic teaser video, confirming that the record would be arriving on August 26, 2022.

Bellamy said in a statement that the album is influenced by “the increasing uncertainty and instability in the world”.

“A pandemic, new wars in Europe, massive protests and riots, an attempted insurrection, Western democracy wavering, rising authoritarianism, wildfires and natural disasters and the destabilization of the global order all informed ‘Will Of The People’,” he continued.

“It has been a worrying and scary time for all of us as the Western empire and the natural world, which have cradled us for so long are genuinely threatened. This album is a personal navigation through those fears and preparation for what comes next.”

Now the band has offered more details on what to expect, telling Apple Music 1 that the album spans genres.

“We’ve always tried to think outside the box,” Bellamy said (via NME). “We’ve never been one particular genre.

“This album goes from metal all the way to pop to my first version to an Adele song… a lot of electronica. It’s like a full…We produced it ourselves. We were analysing everything we’ve done to date. The last song on the album is called ‘We Are Fucking Fucked’. I’m really happy and proud of it. I genuinely think it’s our best album.”

Bellamy also revealed that he let drummer Dominic Howard “take the lead a little bit” on this project.

“That’s why this album’s taken two years. Every decision takes like a week for him to come back to us. Normally I just rush everything. With him he’s really slow, takes his time with every decision. I allowed him to make a lot of decisions about what was good and what wasn’t.”

Last week Muse released latest single ‘Compliance’, following January’s comeback track ‘Won’t Stand Down’ – their first new music since 2018’s ‘Simulation Theory’.

‘Will Of The People’ is available to pre-order here.

‘Will of the People’ tracklist:

1. ‘Will Of The People
2. ‘Compliance
3. ‘Liberation
4. ‘Won’t Stand Down
5. ‘Ghosts (How Can I Move On)
6. ‘You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween
7. ‘Kill Or Be Killed
8. ‘Verona
9. ‘Euphoria
10. ‘We Are Fucking Fucked