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New vinyl pressing plant is opening in Middlesbrough for small-run releases

The new venture is hoping to press 50,000 records a month

By Jen Thomas

Press On Vinyl building
A new pressing plant is opening in Middlesborough (pic: @pressonvinyl Twitter)

A new vinyl pressing plant is hoping to press 50,000 records a month, at a new base in Middlesbrough.

Press On Vinyl will focus on producing records from independent artists and labels, working on small-run releases and musicians who live locally.

Many independent artists and labels had been struggling with longer production times at many existing plants, with the increase in popularity and over-ordering by bigger artists being blamed.

The new plant will be based at the Tees-Advance Manufacturing Park (TeesAMP), and will be run by David Todd, Danny Lowe, and David Hynes.

The initial aim for 50,000 records per month will hopefully increase over time as they bring in more pressing machines. Their first record to be produced is the debut EP from Komparrison, called ‘You Say She’s Satisfied’ .

One of the co-founders, David Todd, told ITV: “The demand for vinyl from music fans has increased massively over the last five to six years but the global capacity hasn’t increased with that so over the whole world there’s a massive shortage of pressing plants who can provide the capacity for the labels and the artists.”

Press On Vinyl have been excitedly sharing updates on Twitter, including pictures of their bright pink presses.

Vinyl sales are at their highest for more than 30 years, according to the British Phonographic Industry. Some 23 per cent of all albums sold last year were on vinyl, but the increased demand had caused delays at pressing plants around the world.

There was a backlash in November when it was claimed that Sony Music had placed an order for more than 500,000 copies of Adele’s highly-anticipated comeback album ’30’.

 Musicians, fans and artists criticised the label and Adele for taking over vinyl-production resources.

An independent label owner, Josh Cohen of Memorials of Distinction told NME: “Her record label, quite correctly, understand that although she probably makes quite a nice chunk of money from streaming, she’s going to make a lot more by selling vinyl. It’s the same calculation that the rest of us have made, but she’s just doing it better!”

He added: “I can see why people would blame Adele, she’s an easy target, but leave Adele alone. It’s not her fault. We’re all just trying to make money at the end of the day.”

As well as Press On Vinyl, another plant has good news for independent artists and labels.

Mobineko in Taiwan is offering a service to press smaller orders more quickly. Under the name Mobineko Express, they are aiming to press 25 to 100 records per title, in around four to eight weeks.