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Oasis share performance of ‘Some Might Say’ from Knebworth

It follows footage of 'Champagne Supernova' released last month

By Jen Thomas

Oasis onstage at Knebworth
Oasis onstage at Knebworth (Pic: Jill Furmanovsky / Press)

Oasis have released a previously-unseen clip of ‘Some Might Say’ from their legendary 1996 Knebworth shows.

The performance was taken from the second night of their two-show run, and features in their documentary ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996′.

The Gallagher brothers both worked as executive producers on the project, which was directed by Jake Scott and produced by Black Dog Films.

Watch the performance below:

This new clip follows the release of their ‘Champagne Supernova’ performance last month, featuring The Stone Roses’ John Squire.

The band decided to raid the archives and create the documentary to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the shows that took place in August 1996.

Liam and Noel both provide voiceovers for the project, which combines never-before-seen live footage as well as backstage recordings.

The band, organisers and concert-goers are also interviewed.

As well as sharing these video clips from the concerts, there will also be a live album.

Sharing the same name as the documentary, ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996’, the album will be released digitally, on CD and triple LP on November 19 via Big Brother Recordings.

The film’s director, Jake Scott, told NME he reckons the band might still reform: “I’d love to think so. It’d be lovely. Oh God, it’d be great, wouldn’t it? There’s so much studio manipulation in music now. Just a solid rock n roll band would be an amazing thing to see again.”

Watch ‘Champagne Supernova’ below:

Speaking about the Knebworth concerts, he added: “My sense of Knebworth was to be there was very special. It wasn’t just one of those gigs, it was one of those special moments.”

The director continued: “You’ve been to gigs but there are only a couple of gigs in one’s life you’ve really had that moment where you’ve gone, ‘Oh wow, I’m seeing something important here.

“I get a very strong sense that Knebworth did that for a lot of people. There’s a sense of unity and dare I say it, love.”