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Rolling Stone’s iconic magazine covers get transformed into clutch bags

Olympia Le-Tan has created a limited number of book clutch bags from the magazine’s ‘American Icons’ and ‘500 Greatest Songs’ covers

An Olympia Le-Tan clutch bag
Olympia Le-Tan turns iconic Rolling Stone covers into book clutch bags (Picture: courtesy of Olympia Le-Tan)

Rolling Stone has collaborated with Olympia Le-Tan, transforming its iconic magazine covers into book clutch bags.

Founded in 2019, Olympia Le-Tan’s literature-inspired, embroidered, signature book-clutch handbags and minaudieres mix humour and fashion. The limited-edition Rolling Stone clutch looks exactly like a magazine cover, drawing from its “American Icons” and “500 Greatest Songs” issues. The clutch bag ties into the magazine’s 55th anniversary, which was celebrated this year.

The Rolling Stone cover was adapted for both thread and felt. Each bag is embroidered by hand and takes up to 300 hours to be made from embroidered wool and silk. All are numbered chronologically, up to 77 – the total number of bags made.

With limited stock available, you could be one of the only people to ever own this exclusive clutch.