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Priest says he briefly died and went to hell, saw demons singing Rihanna

Sounds normal...

By Nick Reilly

Rihanna and pastor Gerald Johnson

A priest claims that he died and briefly visited hell, where he saw demons singing the music of Rihanna.

The outlandish and entirely believable claim comes from Michigan clergyman Gerald Johnson, who says he briefly died after a 2016 heart attack and went to hell before he came back to life.

“My spirit left my physical body,” Johnson explained in a new viral TikTok video. “I thought I was going upward, because I thought that I had done so much good in this lifetime and helped so many people, and made so many decisions that were Godly decisions.

“But as opposed to me going up, I went down. I went literally into the centre of the earth. That’s where hell is.”

Johnson went on to explain that he wouldn’t wish the fate “on my worst enemy” and revealed some of the “indescribable” things he claims to have witnessed.

They included a man “walking on all fours like a dog and getting burned from head to toe. His eyes were bulging and worse than that: He was wearing chains on his neck. He was like a hellhound. There was a demon holding the chains.”

“Like telepathic communication, I knew that the demon was sent in this man’s life to ride him from his childhood to his death.”

As for Rihanna’s music, Johnson said it was being played alongside Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ to punish humans sent to hell.

“It just blew me away,” the priest said, adding: “Every lyric to every song is to torment you [for] the fact that you didn’t worship God through music when you were on the Earth… you chose to worship Satan by repeating the lyrics that he inspired to come into the Earth.”

Explaining his eventual return, Johnson added: “I lifted up out of Hell, and I came back on the Earth.”

Rihanna is yet to respond to his claims, but we live in hope that she will address them when she headlines the Super Bowl half time show next month. Fingers crossed.