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Rachel Chinouriri announces debut album ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’

You can listen to her latest single 'Never Need Me' now.

By Nick Reilly

Rachel Chinouriri (Picture: Lauren Harris)

Rising indie star Rachel Chinouriri has announced her anticipated debut album, What A Devastating Turn Of Events.

The singer’s debut will arrive on May 3 and the latest preview comes in the form of ‘Never Need Me’, the latest track to arrive from the record after LP lead single ‘The Hills’.

“I made this song with a sense of heartbreak but empowerment. It’s about taking your power back the moment you realise that helping someone is actually hurting you because they aren’t willing to change,” said Chinouriri of her latest song.

“Sometimes you end up enabling someone instead of actually helping them and carrying their load is tough.

“Never Need Me is the moment you wish them well but you can’t continue to harm yourself by helping them. It’s always a tough decision to make but once you make it, it’s a weight lifted off your shoulders for sure.”

Of the album, she said in a press release: “It’s finally here. The moment most musicians dream of when they’re a child. I can’t believe it’s real in a way, but I’m proud of it. ‘What A Devastating Turn Of Events’ should feel like discovering a personal journey of all the hardship and struggles that have ultimately made me the person I am today.”

She added: “I was lost when I first made this album, when I felt so lost within myself but also in London. I was on a search to find myself and I can say I’ve managed to do that by the end of this process and have found a love for myself that I never thought was possible. I feel fortunate enough to be able to document that process and have it in physical form and sound. Hopefully it’ll help other people realise that it takes tough times, self accountability, betrayal and uncomfortable moments to finally get to a point of true self love. I’m more than ready for the next chapter.”

Check out the tracklist for What A Devastating Turn Of Events below.

1. ‘Garden Of Eden’
2. ‘The Hills’
3. ‘Never Need Me’
4. ‘My Everything’
5. ‘All I Ever Asked’
6. ‘It Is What It Is’
7. ‘Dumb Bitch Juice’
8. ‘What A Devastating Turn Of Events’
9. ‘My Blood’
10. ‘Robbed’
11. ‘Cold Call’
12. ‘I Hate Myself’
13. ‘Pocket’
14. ‘So My Darling’