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Rebecca Black roasts Andrew Tate over cringeworthy music video

'I was 13, this man is 36'

By Joe Goggins

Split of Rebecca Black, 2022, and Andrew Tate, 2021
Black's takedown follows Tate's savaging at the hands of Greta Thunberg last week. (Photos: YouTube)

Rebecca Black has become the latest public figure to humiliate Andrew Tate on Twitter.

The self-styled ‘king of toxic masculinity’ continued his recent run of social media embarrassment at the hands of younger women when Black roasted him earlier today (January 6).

Referencing Tate’s arrest by Romanian police on December 30 as part of an investigation into suspected rape and human trafficking, after which he remains in custody, Twitter user @Nezzzooo posted the caption “Andrew Tate Needed to be arrested for dropping this anyway”, alongside a 30-second clip of a music video he made during a desperately ill-advised attempt at branching out into a rap career.

Quote tweeting the post, Black replied with “I was 13 this man is 36”. The US singer-songwriter, now 25, was making a tongue-in-cheek reference to her debut single ‘Friday’, the music video for which went viral upon its release in 2011 despite it being widely derided by listeners and critics alike. The track has nevertheless endured as a 21st century pop culture touchstone and was revived in 2021 with a hyperpop remix overseen by Black and Dylan Brady of 100 gecs.

After taking a new EP, Rebecca Black Was Here, on tour across several continents in 2021, Black is now finally readying a full-length debut album, Let Her Burn, which is expected to arrive later this year. Tate, meanwhile, continues to reflect on the wisdom of a tweet sent to climate activist Greta Thunberg on December 27, which in just 72 hours saw him go from boasting about a 33-strong luxury car collection to being remanded in custody at the centre of a probe by Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism.

The would-be influencer’s attempts to goad Thunberg over the carbon emissions generated by his vehicles backfired spectacularly, first when she racked up almost four million Twitter likes with a withering reply to him, and then again when his video response to her riposte reportedly led directly to Romanian police raiding his Bucharest compound, with a takeaway pizza box from a national chain, visible in the clip, apparently giving away that he was in the country.

“This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” Thunberg observed after Tate was arrested. His car collection was seized by authorities on Wednesday (January 4), and is no longer emitting.