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SBTRKT teases first new music in six years

The musician and producer's last album was 2016's 'Save Yourself'

By Hollie Geraghty

A young child wears a mask with a yellow nose and blue eyes on his head
SBTRKT's 'BODMIN MOOR Prequel' trailer (Picture: YouTube)

SBTRKT has teased the return of new music for the first time in six years.

Yesterday (June 12), the UK artist – real name Aaron Jerome – shared a video trailer on YouTube announcing new project ‘BODMIN MOOR Prequel’.

It was shared along with a cryptic website called The Vanishing Post, which features images and newspaper clippings of mystery “beasts”.

The trailer, directed by The Rest and stars Seyan Patel and Sex Education’s Chaneil Kular, shows a child wearing the mask from the cover of his 2011 self-titled debut LP, who watches a cartoon with a character wearing the same mask. The child then unfolds a mysterious piece of fabric which is wrapped up like a map.

You can watch the trailer below.

On Friday (June 10), artist Hux tweeted: “what happened to sbtrkt man”, which SBTRKT retweeted with a link to The Vanishing Post website.

In 2021, SBTRKT hinted at a return when he posted about the tenth anniversary of SBTRKT. “Maybe one day I will play some of the unreleased off-cuts from the album and also perform it as one record on its own!” he wrote. “I guess more importantly – I’ve been writing new music for quite a while… it’s been too long but good shit takes time and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

SBTRKT’s last album was 2016’s Save Yourself. In 2018, he also shared a reworking version of Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape cut ‘All We Got’.

Uploading the new version to Soundcloud, he said he was “shared the vocals by Chance and Pat his manager back in late 2016,” and as a “big fan” of the rapper and original song, it was “fun to give it my own take”.

Speaking about his debut in an anniversary post last year, he said that the album “managed to capture everything I had in my mind at the time”.

“It’s been amazing to see it have a lasting impression on other DJs and artists since too from DJs like Sherelle – to artist’s I’ve seen mentioned it like Billie Eilish and SZA.

“I was trying to capture what London was to me and referencing all the UK music scenes that I had grown up on – but didn’t want to copy or replicate.”