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SON Estrella Galicia bring a taste of Spain to London for latest micro-festival

Here's what happened when Estrella Galicia brought the taste and sound of Spain to East London'

By Rolling Stone UK

The crowd lap up the action at Estrella's latest (Picture: Estrella Galicia)

It’s early September in London, but the late Summer heatwave means that temperatures in the capital are finally to over 30 degrees after a complete wash-out of a summer.

Fitting then, that the balmy climes prove the perfect backdrop for the latest mini-festival hosted by SON Estrella Galicia, which aims to bring a slice of Iberian joy to East London.

Over at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage, SON Estrella Galicia have got the continental vibes nailed from the very off. There’s plenty of that aforementioned delicious lager to go around, while the beer-matched street food proves a perfect accompaniment for hungry punters.

It also helps that the music is pitch perfect from the start too. Psych DJs Mandrake Handshake are the perfect lot to soundtrack beers in the setting sun, before it’s up to Madrid outfit Shanghai Baby to impress as the first band of the night.

The scene at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage (Picture: Estrella Galicia)

The group, formed by ex-Hinds bassist Ade Martin, showcase the highs of debut album EP01, but also offer a tantalising glimpse at the future with a number of scrappier unheard cuts that seemed indebted in the spirit of noughties DIY rock.

By the time they get off stage, it’s job done and then some. You sense they’ll be heading back to Madrid safe in the knowledge that a gaggle of new devotees have been thoroughly won over.

(Picture: Estrella Galicia)

Next up, it’s time for Prima Queen to step up to the plate. The band, fronted by Kristin McFadden and Louise Macphail, waste no time in showcasing what they do best – alt-rock bangers that go far in tackling the more complicated parts of life. ‘Chew My Cheeks’ proves a perfect funk-laden opener, while the rest of the set heightens excitement for their bright future ahead.

As the night draws to a close and the sold-out crowd heads out into an unseasonably warm evening in Hackney, it’s clear that SON Estrella Galicia have showcased two of music’s brightest lights, while also pairing that music with the perfect brew. We’ll drink to that.