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Stray Kids named as Next Generation Leaders by TIME Magazine

The group have also announced their latest 'Rock-Star' EP

By Nick Reilly

Stray Kids (Picture: JYP Entertainment)

K-pop stars Stray Kids have been chosen as one of the Next Generation Leaders by TIME magazine.

The list has been running since 2014 and the group are the third K-pop act to be chosen, after BTS made the ranking in 2018 and NewJeans were chosen in May.

According to the publication, the group made the list for charting an “unconventional” path as well as embracing their “distinct sound” which takes in “rock, EDM and even industrial leanings”.

As well as being praised for not trying to meet “expectations for Korean boy groups,” the group was also lauded for following an “unconventional” path.

“Straying from expectations became a recipe for global success” TIME said.

The group first debuted in March 2018 and topped the Billboard 200 with a selection of releases. Their latest, the ‘Rock-Star’ EP, will arrive next month.

They confirmed the release earlier today in a “prologue” video shared online, which showed the group as they prepared to go on stage.

“The anxiety is something we create ourselves,” Bang Chan said. “We believe that you’ll do great if you can get beyond these emotions and enjoy these moments,” group member Felix added.

‘Rock-Star’ will be released at 2pm KST (5am BST) on November 10.