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Swim Deep announce new album ‘There’s A Big Star Outside’

The latest record from the group arrives in June.

By Nick Reilly

Swim Deep (Picture: Steve Gullick)

Swim Deep have announced their fourth studio album There’s A Big Star Outside, as well as sharing their latest single ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’

The latest record from the Worcester band arrives on June 7 via Submarine Cat Records and sees The Coral’s Bill Ryder-Jones on production duties.

Today sees them share ‘How Many Love Songs…’, which is said to be inspired by the “deep-self examination” that frontman Austin Williams has experienced in recent years.

An official description states: “The news of [Williams’] impending fatherhood led him to think about his own childhood, and the broken marriage of his parents and how that affected him and his relationships today.”

Williams further explained: “‘How Many Love Songs In Vegas?’ is a song that’s been stitched together over a few years, a great melody made in a shed (like all the good ones are) that never found its song. Until Swim Deep’s Lord saviour Bill Ryder-Jones insisted we persist with it as it was ‘dead good’.”

He went on: “We tried everything, and even after going full Flaming Lips at the Wacky Warehouse on it, still, nothing felt perfect… until we sat back, drank some gin and listened to Yo La Tengo & Red House Painters. And suddenly it clicked, Bill saw the light and I followed him like I would off a cliff.”

The singer further explained how ‘How Many Love Songs…’ was “a song I wrote after pondering whether marriage was ill fated, and statistically doomed, just like my parents and all my friend’s parents’ ones seemed to turn out”.

He went on: “An anxiety-laced love song in which I deny all of those odds stacked against me and my wife, the best person ever.”

You can check out the track-list in full below.

1. ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’
2. ‘Very Heaven’
3. ‘These Words’
4. ‘Robin’
5. ‘Don’t Make Me A Stranger’
6. ‘First Song’
7. ‘Big Star’
8. ‘It’s Just Sun In Your Eyes’
9. ‘So Long, So Far (Marble-Bellied Baby)’
10. ‘Fire Surrounds’