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Check out an exclusive Tommy Hilfiger image of Stray Kids at The Met Gala

The K-pop idols stole the show at Monday's Met Gala

By Joseph Kocharian

Bang Chan, Han, Felix, Seungmin, Hyunjin, I.N, Lee Know, and Changbin of Stray Kids attend The 2024 Met Gala (Image provided by Tommy Hilfiger: Photo by Kevin Mazur/MG24/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Stray Kids made history once again- this time of the fashion variety, by becoming the first K-Pop group to attend the Met Gala. Ever the group’s agent of chaos, Seungmin revealed via his Instagram Live on Saturday that the group were in NYC for fittings for the Met Gala, tipping off the Stay fandom even before any official announcement had been made.  

Stays theorising on who was dressing the group turned out to be correct, as the awesome octet turned up on the first Monday in May, invited and dressed by Tommy Hilfiger. Each member had a bespoke individual look crafted by the American designer.  Individuality was important to Hilfiger, as he told us “One of the special things about Stray Kids is each of the eight members has a completely individual style. This enabled us to design a cohesive yet distinctively personalized ensemble for them, reflecting their different personalities. This year’s theme inspired us to experiment with forms of menswear while staying true to our signature red, white and blue color palette with rich gold accents.”

The K-pop idols assembled at the bottom of the infamous stairs, in a variety of opulent outerwear before shedding it to show their custom-made Tommy looks, dripping with the DNA of preppy, all-American fashion brand. Hilfiger knew the reveal at the infamous spot was an important one. “Seeing the group take over the world-renowned Met staircase in sleek formation before whisking away their bespoke overcoats to reveal their impeccably tailored suiting with Tommy Hilfiger signature details made the journey so exciting and worthwhile!”

Changbin, Lee Know, I.N, Hyunjin, Seungmin, Felix, HHAN and Bang Chan of Stray Kids attends The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating (Imaged provided by Tommy Hilfiger: Photo by Mike Coppola/MG24/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Bang Chan, Felix and Hyunjin’s outfits were all colour-blocked, each member taking one of Tommy Hilfiger’s signature colours. Hyunjin was head to toe red, Felix was dressed in white to match his platinum hair, and Bang Chan took on the classic Tommy navy. Changbin, HAN, I.N, Lee Know and Seungmin mixed and matched the Tommy Hilfiger colour palate which ensured that the group looked cohesive. Hilfiger ensured each member had their own individual detailing, whether it was pinstripe for I.N’s blazer or the oversized red trim on Changbin’s suit. 

Adhering to the ‘Garden of Time’ theme for the event, there were plenty of considered details in Tommy Hilfiger’s custom outfits for the group, such as lush embroidery on Hyujnin and Felix’ matching white shirts and gold oversized flower-shaped buttons and pins. Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix, HAN, Hyunjin, I.N, Lee Know and Seungmin even flashed the florals when they did their outfit reveal, showing that even the white lining of their jackets and suits had botanical pattern on them. 

“The outfits blend our Classic American Cool style with floral and botanical details that pay homage to the short story by J.G. Ballard and the time flower at the center of the tale.” Hilfiger explained. “There’s so much to inspire in the theme, such as opaque flowers and crystal hearts which create this romantic feeling that we’ve infused into the design. We adorned suits with intricate gold floral stitching, gave our classic Ithaca stripe a translucent feel with sheer fabric, and the incredible 24-carat gold pinstripe details. It’s a celebration of tailoring with a distinctive Tommy twist. ”

The Met Gala isn’t just about the outfits, and it’s safe to say that Stray Kids know how to serve beauty looks. The group, who having been teasing a new track ‘Lose My Breath’ featuring Charlie Puth, have been growing out their hairstyles of late (Stays have even been asking the SKZ stylists to keep the scissors away from HAN’s longer locks.) As per usual, every member’s hair was on point. Lee Know was channelling Twin Peak-era heart-throb Kyle MacLachlan with his 90s curtains paired with his white blazer. Changbin and Seungmin also referenced the 90s with gelled Dreamphone/Save by the Bell hairstyles. Felix opted for a throwback to a fan-favourite hairstyle, his long silvery elven hair from the Thunderous era and Bang Chan’s wet look hair looked straight from the cover of a fashion magazine. I.N went high-fashion for his hair as well, with his caramel hair slicked back with lots of volume, complete with his signature cheeky grin that he flashed whilst being interviewed. Hyunjin, no stranger to a fashion event, kept his hair glossy and shiny, without a strand out of place, like the true fashion prince that he is. 

When we asked Tommy what his favourite past theme was, he told us “I loved the 2019 Met Gala theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion. We designed a custom gown for Zendaya, the iconic blue illuminated Cinderella dress. The theme that year was playful, fun and over the top – exactly what you’d expect from the Met Gala!” It’s clear the designer knows an icon when he sees one, and it’s no different with the K-pop band. “Stray Kids are one of the world’s most popular groups – truly a global music phenomenon! We have a deep legacy of collaborating with icons that are shaping contemporary culture, and Stray Kids possess an optimistic outlook that has connected them with their international audiences, through both their music and style. Their fierce, determined spirit continues to be an inspiration. It has been exciting working with them on different campaigns through our ongoing partnership and I love having them as part of the Tommy family.”

Stray Kids’ prestigious fashion date with Hilfiger is a continuation of their relationship with the American brand. The group did a cosy holiday campaign with the brand last winter, and more recently made a fun video for the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 24 campaign, which included some playful Stray Kid’s lore- Hyunjin’s ongoing feud with the humble eggplant (“this is so not yummy.”) In the video, Bang Chan orders some room service and adds the purple stuff as a pizza topping, to which Hyunjin responds “No egglpant!”

Chan was in full dad mode, taking the lead on the red carpet interview with Tommy Hilfiger, and graciously dealing with some disrespectful photographers at the event, before gathering his ducklings in a row to go and enjoy the evening, including posing with fellow K-pop star Jennie from BlackPink. The photos are few and far between due to the no-phone rule (Chan was seen confiscating everyone’s phones before they went in the event) but in lieu of Changbin almost certainly dancing his heart out to Ariana Grande’s afterparty performance, Tommy Hilfiger has shared an exclusive image of the group with Rolling Stone UK.

Exclusive image for Rolling Stone UK: Stray Kids behind the scenes for Tommy Hilfiger at The Met Gala. I.N, Changbin HAN, Felix, Hyunjin, Seungmin, Lee Know and Bang Chan (Image provided)