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Watch Harry Styles embrace Australian tradition and drink from his shoe

'This is one of the most disgusting traditions I've ever witnessed,' Styles said

By Larisha Paul

Harry Styles for Rolling Stone UK (Picture: Amanda Fordyce)

“Just act normal,” Harry Styles insists on the Harry’s House deep cut ‘Keep Driving.’ But during the Perth, Australia, stop on his never-ending Love on Tour, the singer ignored his own advice to partake in a years-long Australian tradition that consists of drinking alcohol out of a shoe. Definitely not normal.

“Does anybody have a drink that they wouldn’t mind lending?” Styles asked the audience, already wondering how he can water the gross activity down: “Can we do a shoey with water, or is that against the rules? No?”

He wasn’t willing to go at it alone, though. Striking up a friendship with a fan’s husband who was, according to his wife, dragged to the show from Sydney, Styles decided they should share the experience. “Stand by, Scott, we’ll come back to you,” he said after he was clear on the official shoey rules. “We’re gonna get you to drink something very disgusting out of what I can only assume is a very warm shoe.”

Soon enough, Styles had some alcohol mingling with the sweat that probably pooled in his shoes during his high-energy stomps during “Satellite.” Before bringing his makeshift Adidas shot glass to his mouth, the singer added: “This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever witnessed.”

A week ago, Styles was taking shots on stage at the 2023 Brit Awards, where he celebrated a clean sweep across all four categories he was nominated in. “I might have a drink, but I leave for tour in like four days, so I probably won’t go crazy,” he said backstage at the ceremony, having no idea what Australia had planned for his arrival.

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