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Will Young hits out at David Beckham’s ‘odious’ World Cup deal

'If you won’t change your mind: give £1 million to LGBTQIA+ charities in Qatar every year that you get your £10 million a year,' Young told Beckham.

By Nick Reilly

Will Young and David Beckham (Picture: Alamy)

Will Young has become the latest high profile figure to criticise David Beckham over the footballing icon’s decision to accept a paid ambassador role for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The host nation has faced widespread condemnation over its strict laws on homosexuality (which is punishable by death), the deaths of thousands of migrant workers who built the stadiums and restrictive women’s rights.

Beckham has therefore faced criticism for his reported £10million deal to serve as an ambassador for this year’s tournament, with comedian Joe Lycett recently staging a hoax that saw him pretending to shred £10,000 in order to bring attention to the former footballer’s role.

Now, Young is the latest voice to add to the backlash facing Beckham.

“Qatar is of course not the only country in the world with appalling records on human rights,” Young’s post began. “The argument that sport is not political is duplicitous and two faced. Look at South Africa during apartheid, look at Russia now. Who decides the yays and the nays?

“What is undoubtedly clear however is a star like you @davidbeckham who I once sang for (not for any money I hasten to add) at your birthday has disappointed me more than I can say. Our paths crossed a fair few times due to being with 19 Management and you were always friendly and generous.”

He went on: “People do things for money we all know that. Here is what irks me the most – not a WHISPER from yourself David to show solidarity, not a WHISPER from yourself to show support for the practical massacre of migrant workers, not a WHISPER David to help LGBTQIA+ communities living under constant danger.”

Young went on to criticise Beckham’s “greedy” decision to accept an alleged £150million from Qatar over a 15-year period and said turning a blind eye to the country’s ills was “repellent and cowardice personified”.

“So here is what I suggest if you won’t change your mind: give £1 million to LGBTQIA+ charities in Qatar every year that you get your £10 million a year,” the singer wrote.

“Can something be salvaged from this odious deal? Perhaps those funds can help provide much needed safety to those living in terror whilst your posters smile down on the people of Qatar.”

It comes days after Joe Lycett revealed that the £10,000 he supposedly shredded in protest against David Beckham’s lucrative deal to promote the Qatar World Cup was in fact fake.

While the £10,000 was in fact donated to LGBTQ+ charities, Lycett instead opted to shred Beckham’s Attitude Magazine cover from 2002 – when he became the first Premier League footballer to appear on the cover of the gay lifestyle magazine.