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Yungblud invites couple who got engaged mid-set onto stage for ‘Love Song’

"I’m probably not going to be there for your first dance, so hopefully you can do that right here," Yungblud said

By Charlotte Krol

Yungblud poses in a black-and-white portrait
Yungblud. (Picture: Press)

Yungblud brought a newly-engaged couple onstage at one of his US shows after the audience pointed out that the proposal happened while he was performing ‘Love Song’.

The musician invited the couple to join him for the remainder of the song after he paused it to celebrate the proposal, which was filmed by a gig-goer stood close to the couple.

It happened at Yungblud‘s show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this week (February 1). The British singer-songwriter is currently on the North American leg of his ‘Life On Mars’ tour.

“That was fucking beautiful,” Harrison said of the moment, before asking the couple to climb on stage. “Hello guys, I know you’re having a moment, but do you want to get on stage?” he added.

“Guys, I just want to wish you the most fucking happy life together,” Harrison continued once the pair were next to him. “I’m probably not going to be there for your first dance, so hopefully you can do that right here, right now,” he added, before carrying on with ‘Love Song’.

‘Love Song’ features on Yungblud’s latest album, 2020’s ‘Weird!’

He recently told Apple Music that it’s “the first Yungblud love song”.

“I don’t say this very often, but I had a lot of violence in my house growing up. I was always very loved as a kid, but my idea of love – and what it meant to fall in love – got skewed. It was like, ‘If this is love, fuck that shit. I’m going to be all right on my own, thank you very much.’ But then I met someone and I fell in love and I realised I’d never been more wrong in my life,” he said.

Addressing his previous relationship with Halsey, Harrison said: “I learned so much. She was incredible and we were incredible together. But I didn’t just want to write a song about falling in love or being heartbroken, because no one can prepare you for the pain of heartbreak. It’s about falling in and out of love – with your arms open.”

Meanwhile, Yungblud also revealed to Apple Music that his third album features “the most personal music I’ve ever written”.

“I’ve been in London. I’ve been making kind of the third record, and I’m just so excited about it,” he said. “This is, for me, the most personal music I’ve ever written. And I think people are going to be a bit shocked about that because all my other music is pretty personal.”