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SON Estrella Galicia Announces ‘Soundhood Hackney’ London micro-festival

In partnership with SON Estrella Galicia

By Dale Fox

Sworn Virgins
Sworn Virgins will be part of the lineup (Image: Babycakes Romero)

SON Estrella Galicia has announced the launch of ‘Soundhood Hackney’, a two-day micro-festival set to take place in London on 13 and 14 June. The event aims to combine live music, beer culture, street food, and positive impact, offering attendees a unique experience.

‘Soundhood Hackney’ marks the start of SON Estrella Galicia’s plan to introduce its micro-festival concept to cities across Europe. Following the London event, the brand has confirmed partnerships in Madrid, A Coruña, and Barcelona later in 2024, as well as in Berlin and Granada in 2025.

The London event features a diverse lineup, with Sworn Virgins headlining Paper Dress Vintage on 13 June, alongside Plantoid and Gia Ford. On 14 June, DITZ will headline Two Palms, with Gallus and Cosmorat also performing. DJs Jawa Jones, Harry James, and Kyri R2 will provide entertainment at Paper Dress Vintage, while Mondowski and Jeff Higgins will be performing at Two Palms.

Music, beer, and gastronomy combine

In line with Estrella Galicia’s focus on sustainability, ‘Soundhood Hackney’ will include interactive elements promoting the Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle philosophy. The brand has partnered with Relic Plastic to host a workshop on sustainability in the fashion world at Paper Dress Vintage on 13 June. Additionally, Estrella Galicia’s beer experts will conduct a ‘What Does Your Beer Sound Like?’ tasting workshop, showcasing the brand’s artisanal approach to its craft.

Local vendors Yellow Garble will be the gastronomic partners at Paper Dress Vintage, while Two Palms’ street food partner is ‘Food Fight’. The event will also feature beer pairing recommendations, adding to the overall experience for attendees.

Victor Mantiñán, head of global music sponsorship at Estrella Galicia, expressed his enthusiasm for the inaugural Soundhood event in London, stating: “We wanted to take our micro-festival concept a step further by bringing together different venues in a two-day programme of activities where there will of course be a lot of music on different stages, but also beer workshops and local street food proposals without giving up our commitment to positive impact.”

Tickets for ‘Soundhood Hackney’ are available now by clicking here.

Two Palms tickets can be bought here.