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SON Estrella Galicia: Where music, beer, and positive impact collide

In partnership with SON Estrella Galicia

By Dale Fox

Three men wearing tennis clothes and sunglasses stand behind a tennis net
Spanish trio the Playback Maracas will bring the Mediterranean flavour to the SON Estrella Galicia event at Paper Dress Vintage this month. (Image: Provided)

Since 2009, SON Estrella Galicia has been redefining the concert and festival experience by immersing attendees in a unique fusion of music, positive impact, beer, and gastronomy. On Thursday 15 June, the groundbreaking project will take over the iconic Paper Dress Vintage in East London’s Hackney, boasting an impressive lineup of talent.

Get ready for a sensory extravaganza as Paper Dress Vintage transforms into a hub of multisensory stimulation, offering the quintessential SON experience. The night will feature incredible performances by artists including Jessica Winter, Miss Tiny, and a multitude of DJs, keeping the energy soaring all night. Spain’s own Playback Maracas will also take to the stage, helping keep the night true to its origins. And, of course, beer will be flowing throughout, playing an integral role in the festivities.

At the core of the SON Estrella Galicia experience lies a profound appreciation for music in all its diverse forms. The project is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and showcasing a wide range of genres, extending beyond the mainstream to provide a platform for independent talents.

Flyer advertising the SON Estrella Galicia event in London
Paper Dress Vintage in London will play host to a stunning line-up of talent. (Image: Provided)

Beer, a cherished component of the SON Estrella Galicia experience, takes center stage. This family-owned Spanish brewery has been perfecting its craft since 1906, adding to the allure of the event.

Making a positive impact

SON Estrella Galicia also strives to make a positive impact by embracing sustainability, social responsibility, and community engagement. It organises zero-emission events, raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging partygoers to join the movement towards a better world.

To further elevate the experience, SON Estrella Galicia collaborates with renowned chefs, food vendors, and culinary artisans, offering a diverse range of gastronomic delights at their events.

A woman lies on her side with her head resting on her hand looking into the camera
Jessica Winter will also be adding to the ambience at Paper Dress Vintage. (Image: Nan Moore)

By incorporating these principles into its events, SON Estrella Galicia creates an environment where attendees can have a fantastic time while actively contributing to a more sustainable and conscious world.

Known for its unconventional venues, SON Estrella Galicia brings its unique spirit to London’s Paper Dress Vintage. This iconic gem in the heart of Hackney, with its vintage boutique charm, perfectly complements the vibrant SON party atmosphere. With limited tickets available for the exclusive event on 15 June, make sure to secure yours now for a night of unforgettable memories.

Tickets are available now from Dice.