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Top 10 rising artists to recognise in 2024

Check out this pick of musicians to keep an eye out for this year

By Tyler Shepherd

Composite of 10 artists
The top 10 rising artists to watch this year (Image: Provided)

With a new year, Trillest Ent., the global leader in digital music marketing and hip-hop music promotion, brings you new music from 10 of the hottest upcoming artists and producers around the world. These rising stars are definitely names you want to keep an eye on in 2024.

Check out their latest releases below, and make sure you follow them on social media for their new music. Presented by genre in the list below are ten rising artists to recognise in 2024.

Rising pop stars

Adil C – Adil C is an established Canadian pop singer who has officially announced his debut album, AURA, for 2024. With an impressive track record of millions of impressions across all his platforms, Adil C has revealed it’s time to deliver his highly anticipated album. On January 6th, 2023, he unveiled the eponymous single “AURA.” His latest album includes exciting collaborations with notable guest artists such as Sage Sam, Lil Blurry, Elle Vee, and more. 

Nikki Taylor Vibe – An American singer-songwriter based in NYC, Nikki Taylor Vibe captivates audiences with her soulful voice and hypnotic vocals. Her breakout EP Siren garnered international acclaim, and she was named Breakout Artist of the Year in 2020. With her new release, “Emma Blunt,” Nikki continues to showcase her talent and passion for music. 

Genre-bending artists

DNORRI – The incredible American singer-songwriter and Asheville native, DNORRI now holds it down in Charlotte, North Carolina, the “QC,” where he feels right at home. This guy knows how to create music that hits you in the feels. His style is a dope mix of pop, soul, and hip-hop, something that everyone can vibe with. He just dropped two new hit singles, “I See That” and “My,” which continue to climb the charts. DNORRI’s other big hit track, “Fight for You.”

Khaleel Mandel – Throughout the 2020s, Khaleel Mandel has been positioning himself for icon status. On January 16th, 2024, he announced his upcoming sixth solo studio album, Connecticut Chronicles. The lead single for his new album, “Chaser & Attractor,” reached number one on the charts. Mandel notes this album’s musical theme is a country-funk blend. It is entirely produced and composed by Khaleel and is the debut project under his newest imprint, Canis Major & Co.

Hip-Hop and Rap

AYO SK3TCH – AYO SK3TCH has been putting in consistent work nonstop for the past 5 years. He went from a struggling underground rapper to becoming a prosperous artist who’s surely a safe bet when it comes to longevity. He’s released numerous projects like While We Wait…, Loading… and First Is The New Last. These projects had collaborations with producers and artists like Lil Gotit, Yung Bans, Ted Park, Pierre Bourne, Internet Money and more. As of recent, AYO SK3TCH has been promoting his new charting singles like ‘Precision’, ‘Go Crazy Go Loco’ which features Nakkia Gold, and ‘Boston’s Finest’ which features the billboard charting artists Gio Dee and Rich Amiri. AYO SK3TCH is definitely an artist who’s seemed to have secured a bright future for himself, and definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly.

King Cangin – Hailing from the vibrant streets of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, King Cangin has quickly risen in the hip-hop ranks with his unique blend of introspective and narrative-driven singles. Among these, “South Brooklyn” and the Statik Selektah-produced “Bensonhurst” stand as testaments to his deep connection to his roots, painting vivid pictures of urban life with his words.

Electronic and Dance

Flipstyle – “Can’t Stop Me” by Flipstyle ft. Gravity, from his latest album, The Shimley Files, is one of the most powerful and encouraging songs of the millennium. The Shimley Files album is front-to-back straight-fire with the combination of lyrical agility and hit songs that are sure to inspire all people and cultures to be uplifted with strength and positivity. 

Producers on the rise

Danny Warbuckz – An acclaimed record-charting producer who’s worked with multiple notable artists, Danny Warbuckz is most known for his single “Heels” by TruPopGod, which brought in millions of streams and received mainstream radio play. Warbuckz recently hit the charts again with the single “Boston’s Finest” ft. AYO SK3TCH, Rich Amiri, and Gio Dee. Now, he’s in the process of rolling out campaigns for his company, Music Files Inc., and releasing his new movie, The Black Experiment

Reggae and Dancehall

Terrell Fure’ – A rising New York-based foundational black American dancehall reggae artist, Terrell Fure’ aims to do what he loves and is passionate about to become a voice for people who share the same or similar thoughts and experiences but are voiceless or don’t know how to put them into words. Check out his new hit single, ‘She’s Not The Money Type,’ dedicated to women who are not superficial. 


Kevin Ross – Standing out as an essential artist to watch in 2024, Ross is captivating the R&B scene with an unprecedented achievement: he is the only independent artist to have two singles simultaneously in Billboard’s Top 20 Adult R&B Airplay chart last year. Ross’s voice is a defining element of the genre’s current era.

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