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Being an Odd Bird: Anita Davenport’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

Anita Davenport and SingleTree Lane have masterfully curated a fashion universe

By Maria Williams

Anita Davenport
Anita Davenport (Image: Provided)

Anita Davenport, SingleTree Lane’s innovative founder, charted a path marked by personal and cultural exploration that culminated in a fashion brand deeply committed to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. Her journey, rich in personal and professional milestones, reflects a relentless pursuit of unity and understanding through fashion. Launched in February 2023, during Black History Month, the brand’s timing and ethos are a tribute to the Black culture’s profound influence on the broader fashion narrative.

The name “SingleTree Lane” holds a sentimental value for Davenport, as it is the street where she spent her formative years. The name embodies the ideals that shaped her vision: unity, love, and an inclusive community spirit. The brand’s motto, “Love All, Serve All,” succinctly encapsulates these principles, underscoring its commitment to embracing all cultures and backgrounds.

Under Davenport’s leadership, SingleTree Lane has quickly established itself as more than just a fashion label; it’s a platform for dialogue, a celebration of heritage, and a beacon for change. The brand’s collections blend traditional and modern designs, showcasing textiles and patterns from various cultures, which honour heritage and foster a sense of inclusivity among its clientele.

Davenport’s revolutionary approach to fashion includes using the platform to challenge the norms, address social issues, and promote equality through thoughtful design and community engagement initiatives. Each piece created carries a story of cultural respect and celebration, making fashion a powerful tool for social change.

Discovering Identity through Fashion

For Davenport, fashion is an essential avenue for personal expression and self-discovery. Growing up in a predominantly white environment, her adoption of ethnic hairstyles and distinctive outfits was a powerful affirmation of her identity, allowing her to celebrate her Black and diverse cultural heritage.

Anita Davenport (Image: Provided)

Fashion is a window into our innermost identities and a means for defining ourselves. In a society where white norms prevailed, Davenport’s choice of ethnic hairstyles, such as cornrows with beading, and unique wardrobe selections underscored her distinctiveness.

Celebrating Diversity – Something for Everyone

Anita Davenport and SingleTree Lane have masterfully curated a fashion universe with collections, such as “Be Black” for Black, African, and Island peoples, “Asian Artistry,” and “Near East” for individuals of Indian descent, which stand as bold affirmations of cultural pride and heritage, reflecting the aesthetic sensibilities of each culture and weaving a narrative of unity and celebration. “Native American” designs pay homage to indigenous artistry, while the “Divine Feminine” collection honors womanhood’s essence. Their commitment to cultural representation extends to urban art lovers with “Graffiti inspired designs,” encapsulating the vibrant, rebellious streets’ spirit.

They also tap into the nostalgic essence of various historical periods and movements. Jazz enthusiasts can revel in pieces inspired by the Cotton Club Era, while “Steampunk enthusiasts” find delight in creations that echo the Art Deco period, blending vintage charm with futuristic imagination. The “1970s Hippie Era Designs” invite wearers to embrace peace, love, and freedom, encapsulating the era’s spirit through vibrant patterns and relaxed silhouettes. Each collection is a gateway to the past, inviting wearers to connect with different eras and movements through a modern lens.

The Fashionista’s Journey Unfolds

Deeply inspired by the eclectic and bohemian spirit of 1970s Southern California, Davenport’s fashion sense began to take root. Surrounded by beachwear staples from Ocean Pacific and legendary denim from Jordache, Calvin Klein, Sassoon, and Dittos Jeans, her wardrobe reflected diverse influences. Notably, she owned about 12 pairs of designer jeans, demonstrating her personal expression in fashion.

Her distinctive collection featured roughly the same number of Dittos jeans in various pastel colors alongside seven pairs of tall boots. Perhaps most emblematic of her unique style was her rabbit fur coat; she was the first in her elementary school to acquire one. This rich variety in her wardrobe nurtured her fashion understanding, showcasing her ability to blend personal style with the prevailing fashion trends.

Embracing Authenticity in Fashion

SingleTree Lane’s ethos also celebrates one’s individuality, a principle deeply rooted in Davenport’s journey of self-acceptance as an “ODD BIRD.” It serves as a beacon for those seeking to align their external appearance with their inner truth. This philosophy encourages individuals to explore their identity through clothing, supporting the belief that true style transcends trends.

By championing the idea that fashion should reflect who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe in, the brand invites people from all walks of life to engage in self-expression. Clothing is a powerful tool for storytelling and enables wearers to communicate their personalities, aspirations, and heritage. SingleTree Lane’s mission, inspired by Davenport’s embracement of her uniqueness, fosters a community where fashion is a journey of personal acceptance and celebration of diversity.

Beyond Clothing: A Journey towards Inclusivity and Well-being

SingleTree Lane champions diversity, mental well-being, and the authenticity of personal style. It has inspired individuals to wear their uniqueness as a badge of honor. This ethos nurtures an inclusive environment where the vast spectrum of human diversity—across cultures, body types, and personal identities—is recognised and revered. It is a platform for positive self-identification and psychological health.

Davenport’s personal journey of embracing her “ODD BIRD” identity infuses the brand with a deep commitment to breaking down the barriers that often segregate us in society. It’s a testament to the belief that true fashion freedom comes from wearing what feels right, reflecting our beliefs, dreams, and the essence of who we are, fostering a more compassionate world.

Anita Davenport (Image: Provided)

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