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Headhuntable’s Nathaniel Hallford revolutionises the tech job search

With his revolutionary new venture,, Hallford aims to redefine the rules of engagement in the tech job market

By Jon Stojan

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Nathaniel Hallford is offered help for tech workers worldwide (Image: Provided)

In the wake of a tumultuous 2023, the tech employment landscape remains fraught with uncertainty. However, amidst the chaos, entrepreneur Nathaniel Hallford offers help for tech workers worldwide. With his revolutionary new venture,, Hallford aims to redefine the rules of engagement in the tech job market and empower professionals to take control of their careers.

The Problem: A Broken System

“2023 was a disaster!” Hallford reflects, his voice tinged with conviction. “The tech industry saw a 50% increase in job losses compared to the previous year. Over 1,000 tech companies experienced layoffs—a staggering statistic that reflects the seismic shifts reshaping our industry.”

Despite the challenges of the past year, Hallford remains optimistic about the future of tech employment.

“We’re witnessing a glimmer of hope in 2024,” he notes. “Job openings in fintech, cybersecurity, and healthcare are on the rise, signaling a potential recovery on the horizon. However, the competition remains fierce, with hundreds of applicants vying for coveted positions.”

To Hallford, the current tech job market model is fundamentally flawed, perpetuating a cycle of insecurity and instability for workers.

“Job security has vanished,” he laments. “Even top performers are vulnerable to layoffs and restructuring, leaving them having to start from scratch finding a new job. The traditional job search process is equally disheartening, with candidates forced to navigate a labyrinth of platforms and protocols in pursuit of highly competitive opportunities.”

The Solution:

Hallford knew things had to change. He was inspired to launch—a platform designed to put power back in the hands of tech workers.

“We’re flipping the script,” he declares. “ is more than just a job search engine; it’s a lifeline for professionals seeking long-term, fulfilling careers in tech.”

Headhuntable’s Team: Your Allies in the Trenches

At the heart of lies a team of highly trained assistants—tech-savvy ferrets, as Hallford affectionately calls them—dedicated to unearthing hidden opportunities and guiding candidates through every stage of the job search process.

“Our assistants are your allies in the trenches,” Hallford explains. “They advocate for you, ensuring your voice is heard, and your skills are showcased in the best possible light.”

FAANG Mentorship: Conquering Every Stage of the Interview

While the assistants are pursuing the opportunities, offers mentors and coaches who are all FAANG experienced.  The mentors understand the pressure cooker that is the tech job market. These battle-tested veterans give the tools and confidence to conquer every stage of the interview gauntlet, from technical challenges to culture interviews and whiteboard sessions.

Hallford shares, “Our team are  your personal, enthusiastic agents, guiding you through the treacherous terrain, anticipating potential pitfalls, and sharing insider secrets to impress even the most discerning tech titans.”

If you have a job, Headhuntable can keep tech workers active in the job market autonomously. Think of it as an employment insurance policy. The assistant keeps clients in front of recruiters and HR people. also offers workshops to improve skills in different areas that are heating up in the marketplace. If the worst happens, tech workers can hit the ground running.

Beyond Finding a Job: Building Career Fortresses isn’t just about finding a job—it’s about securing long-term career success in an ever-changing industry.

“We’re building career fortresses,” Hallford asserts. “With our AI-powered assistant and our team of FAANG-experienced mentors, we’re equipping professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to weather any storm.”

The Future: Opportunity Brain and Redefining the Game

Looking ahead, Hallford is excited about the future of “We’re on the verge of launching Opportunity Brain—an AI assistant that will revolutionize the job hunting experience,” he reveals. “With next-gen job matching capabilities based on personality compatibility, we’re redefining how professionals connect with employers, creating matches that are truly made in heaven.”

Empowering Tech Workers Worldwide

As the tech job market continues to evolve, Hallford and his team remain committed to their mission of empowering tech workers worldwide. “With, the future is bright,” Hallford concludes. “We’re not just changing the game; we’re rewriting the rules altogether.”

Take Control of Your Career Today

Ready to take control of your career? Visit or Headhuntable on Facebook  today and learn how can be your one-stop shop for job security and financial peace of mind in the ever-changing tech landscape.